Saturday, May 06, 2006

Good I can still cook

After the cake disaster I was afraid that I might have lost my cake cooking skill and tomorrow I have a party with some friends where I have to bring dessert. Now you all know that you don't get to the host house to cook or worse buy some pre-made dessert. So taking all my courage and all my "years" of cooking experience I decided to bake two batch of cup cakes. Why two you ask? well because I want to bake chocolate cup cake and the hostess doesn't like chocolate so I have to bake non-chocolate cup cake too (blueberry if you must know). Now since I considered my lack of dessert at home I decided to bake twice as much chocolate cupcake as the recipe dictated.

That lead to one little problem.. I didn't have enough sugar for both recipe so one will be bake tomorrow after I do my grocery for the week but at least the chocolate cup cake came out great looking AND great tasting.. Yumm!!!!

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yofed said...

I told you you had a man's pantry!!! You didn't know if you had enough sugar! lol Don't worry, I'm not laughing at you, I just find men's quirks rather endearing!