Saturday, May 20, 2006

Girl what up with the smoking?

I was looking again at my "favorite" dating site and noticed something, just about half the woman there smoke. Now come on how crazy is that, smoking. Not only is it bad for you but it is bad for everyone around you. Not to mention that it is a big turn off for me. I mean come on that should be enough of a reason to stop smoking (or maybe to start smoking.. well I hope it's the first one). But I mean come on what are the odds that over 50% of the woman on a dating site will be smokers?

Well with my lucks with woman for the past year I'd say 1.50... but hey it all right it's funny to talk about it. Beside I'm not that bad off alone... it not like I'm stuck returning to live with my parents or anything of the sort.


anyflower said...

About 28% of people smoke in Quebec and it's pretty balanced between men and women. Why are all those smokers on dating sites? Maybe because more and more people now are grossed by smokers! I hope the new Quebec's law that prohibits smoking in public places will help to lower significatively the percentage of smokers here because compared to British Columbia where only 14% of the people smoke, Quebec sucks!

yofed said...

In BS, 14% smoke cigarette, the rest smokes pot. That's BC for you!

yofed said...

I meant BC, not BS!!