Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Feels like the 1950s

Is it just me or is the political climate of the world rapidly falling back toward a cold/pre war state? Yesterday president Putin (not Poutine) of the Soviet U... oups Russia made his 7th presidential address which according to CNN as some alarming announcement. Amongst those he asked for an increase of the Russian military and of it's nuclear "deterrent" capability announcing the production of two new nuclear submarine with new ballistic missile capability. Now even if Russia military budget is 25 time lower then the US (putting it just about below twice that of Canada...) Russia still has a very large military with a very high number of nuclear missiles. And I'm pretty sure that any announce of it desire to increase this budget won't help with world stability. Now this coupled with Iran nuclear problem, North Korea amusing itself at being a world power and the general threat of terrorism around the world is not really the best situation of a peaceful future.

There is like a tension in the world that seems to be waiting for a release in some way. Everyone seems to be ready to challenge anyone economically and socially, everyone seems to have a bone to pick with everyone and the economy is going rather poorly in some country with strong and large military. I hope it does not fall into a configuration that would launch another world war...

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