Monday, May 08, 2006

Embarassment more popular then commentary

As you can all read the post just below this one I won't post a link to it (nah.) I made a rather (boring) comment about the state of woman physicist (or woman scientist) in movies for about 3 paragraph, making a witty (not) comment about how they did not reflect reality.. well true it's a movie but hey I can rant and comment all I want.

At the end of the post I make a small comment about how I realised why my cake didn't end up eatable last time and oh behold everyone comments on that wanting to know what exactly my mistake was and all that... proving once again that seeing someone embarrass themselves is much more entertaining then hearing about their thoughts.


anyflower said...

Of couse we're more interested in your failures than your thoughts. This is the reality show area man! Besides, cooking mistakes are always funny. I have cooking stories to entertain you for probably an hour or so, proving that even the best cooks make dumb mistakes sometimes. On of my worse mistakes: while I was trying to put oregano from a bottle (thinking there would be that plastic with holes thing on the bottle), I poured a whole bottle of it in my recipe... not very proud of that. Now, did YOU do???

asaathi said...

ok ok here is what I did: I had a container full of white fluffy stuff that I thought was flour (since it wasn't granny like sugar), infortunatly I remembered sunday that it couldn't have been flour since we never bought enought flour to have two container of the stuff and I had another container with some flour in it... the "flour" was actually frosting sugar that I put in my receipe instead of flour... with predictable result of not being dense enought and making a good cake. Happy now? laughting now?

yofed said...

lol... that's funny! But in my case, not only I like to make fun of you.... but I really don't care about women, physicists or not! Seriously, I feel sorry for you that you feel deceited by those movies, but... they are women, and no offence, when I am pregnant, I can't even find them attractive! Sorry!

I care about your opinion, but I wont necessarily comment on them, especially if I think I don't know enough on the subject.... like women! lol