Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dwarfkind endeanger yet another species and unrelated matter

You all know my ecological streak wanting to protect the environment and the species that share the earth with us. It has recently been brought to my attention that a old, elusive species is now endangered by the reckless illegal hunting of dwarfs. You can see a little documentary on this species here. It is very important to protect this poor defenseless beast before yet another species find itself trapped in the history book.

Now the unrelated matter, I was listening to the radio this morning(like I usually do) and they interviewed an anti-wallmart activist. The guy presented the usual argument against Wall-Mart but with a new twist: complete and uther lack of awareness of the reality of the world. Said guy did not see that China was a part of Asia, though that minimum wave company where good... unless they where called Wall-Mart, pointed out that people buying at Wall-Mart was not the problem not it was Wall-Mart the problem, explained that it was a community crusade against Wall Mart while saying that he wanted the area where the Wall-Mart he is crusading again will be located for a camp ground and when told that Wall-Mart where going to buy "crotte de fromage" from china didn't see any problem with the statement... Now I don't think Wall-Mart is a good thing but still opposing them without having a grasp of how the world is probably will not work...

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