Saturday, May 20, 2006

Drunk post because someone as too

Well someone as to do drunk post and since yofed can't (that what happen when you are pregnant.) and anyflower apparently won't (she still as to make even one drunk post) I will be that person! Aren't you grateful? Well if you aren't I'll have to hunt you down and tickle you until you find it good.. or you admit that you are grateful. Well anyway on with the drunk post. First I imagine you'd want to know why I am making a drunk post tonight, particularly since as a single guy I should not drink when I'm alone. Well I'm not one for rules and beside once in a while it's ok to indulge no?

Well even if you answer with a no it really too late, a bottle of wine is really all I need to be drunk enough for a drunk post. While drunk you often get weird thoughts about your life and where you are going. Well honestly I don,t have any thought about my life right now, apparently it not that bad.. aside from single but hey this should be over soon.. well as soon as I find a cute, single, sexy, intelligent, sporty and of course interested in me woman.. shouldn't take more then a few hours right? right? please say I'm right ;-)

Now seriously (yeah right) I'd figured out that I want a girlfriend for at least one reason: talking. You might not know it but I love to talk... in fact I would probably talk all the time. You'd never have guessed it right? but it not just a problem of talking I want to discuss to exchange to argue to have a conflict of idea with someone. And of course their is always the sex, that always a plus ;-) so see yah again soon I might make another drunk post later... I have hagendaz chocolate ice cream I guess that a good supplement to drunkenness...


anyflower said...

You are so right about the talking issue for single living people. I have not much to say about it because I have a super boyfriend but from past experience, I can tell that living with my ex. was often painful and having no one to share my life with in sane discussions made me insane. I had even noticed then that my work relationships had become more satisfying than my real life. Sooooo pathetic! I'm glad I left him.

Ya know, even nowadays, when I don't see C. for a few days, I feel kinda lonely here. It's so boring to come back home after a crappy or amazing day and can't tell anyone from face to face.

Hang on pal! You're a good man. The key to get a girl's attention is not only to talk but to listen, listen, listen... :o)

yofed said...

Right now, I can't feel sorry for the horny part... look where it got me! Now, I am at the point that the thought of body fluids makes me gag...even saliva exchange... so you can imagine how I feel about the rest! So for being horny... it's safer and better to do it alone. That's the best type of birth control!