Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Copy-pasting other people blog?

While reading girl's blog I was pointed out to this news article about blog plagiarism. I must say I am just flabbergasted (surprised to the 20th power) by this trend of copying someone else life to make their life more interesting to other. What kind of mind numbing life must someone have to lower themselves to such a practice. Hell my life is probably pretty boring (which might explain a small readership on this blog...) but I don't think copying anyone else life or (even worse) post about their life will make me more interesting. What can bring that idea is simply beyond me, maybe they are aliens trying to "fit in" our society. Maybe they just are desperate people and this is a cry for help, anyone it is sad and pathetic and I hope that if anyone ever want to quote me or post a post I made they will credit me.

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anyflower said...

Their life must be pretty lame, you're right.