Monday, May 29, 2006

Individualism vs Egoism

Picollo inspired this post when she mentioned in this post [warning french] that individualism was a big problem in our society. While I agree with her that their are some big problem with our society I do not think what she referees to is individualism, I personally think it should be egoism. You see, I understand individualism as to be a society model where the need of the society is secondary to the need of the society. Such society takes pride in the achievement of it best people and try to find means to get it's most unfortunate to achieve their potential. It keeps tax low to leave as much of the economical power as possible into the hand of individual. Such a society is not necessarily egocentrist as it's goal is that all it individual citizen achieve happiness, health and whatever their ambition might be, no matter who they are. It just leave the matter of helping those in needs to other who are more fortunate.

Now egoism, this society like individualism place the need of the individual above the need of the society, however unlike individualism people it encourage people not to think about every individual in the society as worthy but to think that the only one that matters is yourself. In a way it is simply an application of Individualism without social awareness. A egoistic society is jealous of those who succeed, saying they could only have done so by hurting other, it leaves tax low to give everyone economic powers but it doesn't value helping another human being.

I see Quebec right now as an egoist society, sure we have our social program and we "help" everyone in needs (and even some that are not in need) but we suffer from a "I have a right to it mentality". Many people (and I'll include myself in this) tend to see other as owning us, to see society as redeemable to our self. The government should give us that, the other person should give us right of way, it is not our fault it's the other... Just this morning I had an example of that, I was riding my bike along the riverside promenade that is reserved for biking, roller-blading and walking when all of the sudden an old guy comes along driving his car... yeah you read correctly he is driving a car along a promenade a promenade barely large enough for four bikes side by side. As I wasn't in an hurry and thought the guy might be confused (he looked at least 60 years old) I gestured for him to stop and try to talk to him. The exchange we had went a little like this:
"Sir, this isn't a road you shouldn't be driving here.
- I've seen the town guy drive here so I can drive here.
- but sir, this place is for biking and it is dangerous for us if you drive here.
-Don't you think I know it's a place for biking I live right next to it.
- Sir, you might hit someone.
-What you think I can't see clearly?
-That as nothing to do with it sir, you're driving outside the road someplace where children and people are not expecting a car and maybe distracted. It's dangerous for us that you drive here.
-I pay for this with my tax and I've seen the the town guy drive here, beside I'm not going far.
-But sir..." at that point I realise that the only way i was going to make him change is mind would be to lay in front of the car and let him hit me and not leave the scene until the police had been call. Unfortunately I did not have the kind of time needed to do that, I just hope he didn't kill or hit anyone while doing this... and the worse part is I'm pretty sure it wasn't the first time he drove there. But, as he said he paid for it and saw some town guy doing it so he as it's right and screw me if it might be dangerous for me. Now that Egoism.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

hey go see that!

Please follow this link and read carefully it is very important ;-)

Now that you have all read this, please help my mood by posting similar post in your own blog.. at least if you like me :-p

Keept the web neutral damn it!

The internet you all enjoy with it's easy access to all information and non prioritised development is in danger. You see right now, most ISP (internet service provider) only act as neutral middle man, they do not give any priority to web site aside from giving higher bandwidth to larger files then to smaller one (simply logical.) However right now some US ISP want to be able to charge larger file provider (like streaming movie or sound content) to pay for the increased speed they require. Now that sound logical at first but it means that the ISP will be able to charge to have sites in high speed line, which mean that the richer business and people will be advantaged. For example lets say someone find a business concept that would shatter amazon's business with this system he probably couldn't offer it to anyone as the bandwidth Amazon has bought that he couldn't (since he is starting up and doesn't have much money) would mean that amazon site would always be faster then his, which will most of the time translate to lost costumer.

Also it is a pretty safe bet that the web site being charged for increase speed will not simply reduce their profit to please the costumer. They will increase their price to keep the profit, which mean that YOU, the costumer will be paying for your internet access and their high speed internet line. Even if you are already paying for their bandwith and internet access as well as yours....

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Girl what up with the smoking?

I was looking again at my "favorite" dating site and noticed something, just about half the woman there smoke. Now come on how crazy is that, smoking. Not only is it bad for you but it is bad for everyone around you. Not to mention that it is a big turn off for me. I mean come on that should be enough of a reason to stop smoking (or maybe to start smoking.. well I hope it's the first one). But I mean come on what are the odds that over 50% of the woman on a dating site will be smokers?

Well with my lucks with woman for the past year I'd say 1.50... but hey it all right it's funny to talk about it. Beside I'm not that bad off alone... it not like I'm stuck returning to live with my parents or anything of the sort.

Drunk post because someone as too

Well someone as to do drunk post and since yofed can't (that what happen when you are pregnant.) and anyflower apparently won't (she still as to make even one drunk post) I will be that person! Aren't you grateful? Well if you aren't I'll have to hunt you down and tickle you until you find it good.. or you admit that you are grateful. Well anyway on with the drunk post. First I imagine you'd want to know why I am making a drunk post tonight, particularly since as a single guy I should not drink when I'm alone. Well I'm not one for rules and beside once in a while it's ok to indulge no?

Well even if you answer with a no it really too late, a bottle of wine is really all I need to be drunk enough for a drunk post. While drunk you often get weird thoughts about your life and where you are going. Well honestly I don,t have any thought about my life right now, apparently it not that bad.. aside from single but hey this should be over soon.. well as soon as I find a cute, single, sexy, intelligent, sporty and of course interested in me woman.. shouldn't take more then a few hours right? right? please say I'm right ;-)

Now seriously (yeah right) I'd figured out that I want a girlfriend for at least one reason: talking. You might not know it but I love to talk... in fact I would probably talk all the time. You'd never have guessed it right? but it not just a problem of talking I want to discuss to exchange to argue to have a conflict of idea with someone. And of course their is always the sex, that always a plus ;-) so see yah again soon I might make another drunk post later... I have hagendaz chocolate ice cream I guess that a good supplement to drunkenness...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dwarfkind endeanger yet another species and unrelated matter

You all know my ecological streak wanting to protect the environment and the species that share the earth with us. It has recently been brought to my attention that a old, elusive species is now endangered by the reckless illegal hunting of dwarfs. You can see a little documentary on this species here. It is very important to protect this poor defenseless beast before yet another species find itself trapped in the history book.

Now the unrelated matter, I was listening to the radio this morning(like I usually do) and they interviewed an anti-wallmart activist. The guy presented the usual argument against Wall-Mart but with a new twist: complete and uther lack of awareness of the reality of the world. Said guy did not see that China was a part of Asia, though that minimum wave company where good... unless they where called Wall-Mart, pointed out that people buying at Wall-Mart was not the problem not it was Wall-Mart the problem, explained that it was a community crusade against Wall Mart while saying that he wanted the area where the Wall-Mart he is crusading again will be located for a camp ground and when told that Wall-Mart where going to buy "crotte de fromage" from china didn't see any problem with the statement... Now I don't think Wall-Mart is a good thing but still opposing them without having a grasp of how the world is probably will not work...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The world is really full of surprises

If say Bob36 on the street told me this news I would have probably dismissed him as someone that listen too much to astrology and conspiration theory. But it does really look genuine and is quite surprising. Of course it doesn't seem to be exactly like Stonehenge but the similarity are striking and they probably served a similar purpose. While it is much younger then stonehedge (the oldest estimate but it around 1 A.D while stonehedge was build around between 3000 B.C and 1600 BC) it is still amazing that we can find evidence of completely unknown civilisation on our Earth. I would really love to see more detailed pictures of the site and I think we will see soon a influx of conspiracies theory/extraterrestrial origin theory about that site, it should be funny.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Unionising round IV

Well the unionising the student saga continued this morning, for a fourth time they came and see if I wanted to sign their Union card. Once again I refused after a long conversation and once again they did not seem to want to take no for an answer, annoying. I also brought some fact up to their attention and apparently shook their belief. The only problem is that they want to verify information I gave them and will be back.. unfortunately. All this to say that I am getting tired of talking to them, it was fun but by now they should have realised that I was not going to sign the card.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Impossible Mission III

I saw Impossible MIssion III tonight with a friend and while it is a good action movie there are a few things I'd like to tell the IMF (which is an acronym in astronomy for Initial Mass Function... but in the Movie means Impossible Mission force) according to the things I saw in the movie. Warning Spoilers.

1. Once you learn that you enemies as a technology to implant bomb in the brain of some people you have two do two things: screen all your agent to see if they haven't been implanted yet and find a way to prevent your agent to be implanted in the future.

2. Stop teaching you agent to shoot weapons, amateurs are much more accurate.

3. Count your enemies' bullet, the less bullets their are left in the weapon the more accurate it becomes (must have something to do with weight)

4. If you bring automatic guns to a mission with very sophisticated sensors system in place don't stop firing them just for fun.. make sure your agent are wearing IFF system and can't be targeted by the gun and fire away.

5. If you can bring automatic gun on a van and you know you will be dealing with an arm dealer, put some weapon on your escape helicopter please.

6. Inclined high raise building are always covered in very slippery ice, bring some way to stop yourself from slipping to your dead

7. If you know the technology exist to replicated perfectly the voice and face of someone teach your agent not to ask to talk to an hostage and not trust that just because someone looks like someone else he is.

8. Air support, do not forget it.. particularly when dealing with arm dealers that have proven in the past to have access to well armed air machine.

9. For god sake teach your agent to have an healthy fear of biological hazard and weapon, even if the containers are relatively solid they are not indestructible.

10. An agent private life is a liability, but it is unavoidable. Learn about it and protect their family, children and close friend.. you will save a lot in blackmail/treason.

11. Install cameras in elevators, and to cover whole room not just the side where you already have a viewing glass!

12. Bullet proof vest.

13. Armor piercing ammunition and larger caliber weapon, you are fighting people that apparently have an endless supply of armored car with bullet resistant glass. Not to mention military grade helicopters, weapon and body armor... that why depleted uranium as been invented.

14. Teach your agent not to rely on video loops for longer then a few seconds.

15. Deniability you have it, you warn your agent of it, use it.

16. Requisition form, normally I am against most form of bureaucracy but a lot of problem would be avoided if your team could not just walk away with sensitive and highly advanced equipment.

17. Bring back as much equipment as possible, blowing stuff up after every mission really isn't economically sound.

18. Continue not to teach your agent anything about the laws of physics.. apparently this enable them to ignore them when it is convenient.

19. Teach your agent to always verify if a prisoner has anyway to free himself, before leaving an interrogation room, before entering limited place (like elevators) and before leaving him alone.

20. When escorting a prisoner at least 2 people should watch the prisoner at all time and be armed with non-lethal weapon.

21. Invest in bidirectional radio so that your enemies cannot jam your whole radio operation by just holding one stolen radio button.

22. Speaking of radio, teach your agent to change frequency when one is compromised.

23. Do not use cell phone, they are not secure and will be easily traced.

24. Monitor phones call to and from the offices of your employ, apparently all treason happens from their own office.

25. A four man teams can do the impossible.... so don't sent 30 men to arrest 1 it will look unprofessional.

I did enjoy the movie, but the lack of plot and illogical occurrence I listed above kept it from being a great movie. It was good, just not great.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Keeping one's sanity

For the past few weeks there as been work done right beside my office door, now it is the usual linking a new building to an old one kind of work, piercing a wall, laying tiles and all the stuff that will one day hopefully give me a door to the outside less the a mile from my office. Now aside from normal construction noise we did not expect to suffer from any annoyance. Boy where we wrong, I don't know what radio station the workers listen to but it is a soul destroying horror. The only way this could happen without some rift in the space time continuum is if they were plugged directly into Cthullu's dreams...

When I come in in the morning and before I have time to set up my laptop and itunes I usually have to endure at least one Celine Dion song and two other of the same vein that I can't even identify as my brain is trying desperately to shut down my ears. I think I might have event heard the great destroyer himself (Steff Carse)! It is an abomination and they listen to it loud enough to drone normal conversation.. luckily my laptop is filled with music that prevent and even restore the loss of sanity du to Celine Dion's music: prog metal.. and I listen to it loudly (but to be fair to the rest of the people who might enjoy loosing their sanity with my earphones on.) A little Dreamtheater, Symphony X, Ayreon, Blind Guardian, Nightwish and Leaves' eyes can do wonder to save me.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Feels like the 1950s

Is it just me or is the political climate of the world rapidly falling back toward a cold/pre war state? Yesterday president Putin (not Poutine) of the Soviet U... oups Russia made his 7th presidential address which according to CNN as some alarming announcement. Amongst those he asked for an increase of the Russian military and of it's nuclear "deterrent" capability announcing the production of two new nuclear submarine with new ballistic missile capability. Now even if Russia military budget is 25 time lower then the US (putting it just about below twice that of Canada...) Russia still has a very large military with a very high number of nuclear missiles. And I'm pretty sure that any announce of it desire to increase this budget won't help with world stability. Now this coupled with Iran nuclear problem, North Korea amusing itself at being a world power and the general threat of terrorism around the world is not really the best situation of a peaceful future.

There is like a tension in the world that seems to be waiting for a release in some way. Everyone seems to be ready to challenge anyone economically and socially, everyone seems to have a bone to pick with everyone and the economy is going rather poorly in some country with strong and large military. I hope it does not fall into a configuration that would launch another world war...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Copy-pasting other people blog?

While reading girl's blog I was pointed out to this news article about blog plagiarism. I must say I am just flabbergasted (surprised to the 20th power) by this trend of copying someone else life to make their life more interesting to other. What kind of mind numbing life must someone have to lower themselves to such a practice. Hell my life is probably pretty boring (which might explain a small readership on this blog...) but I don't think copying anyone else life or (even worse) post about their life will make me more interesting. What can bring that idea is simply beyond me, maybe they are aliens trying to "fit in" our society. Maybe they just are desperate people and this is a cry for help, anyone it is sad and pathetic and I hope that if anyone ever want to quote me or post a post I made they will credit me.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Embarassment more popular then commentary

As you can all read the post just below this one I won't post a link to it (nah.) I made a rather (boring) comment about the state of woman physicist (or woman scientist) in movies for about 3 paragraph, making a witty (not) comment about how they did not reflect reality.. well true it's a movie but hey I can rant and comment all I want.

At the end of the post I make a small comment about how I realised why my cake didn't end up eatable last time and oh behold everyone comments on that wanting to know what exactly my mistake was and all that... proving once again that seeing someone embarrass themselves is much more entertaining then hearing about their thoughts.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Where are all those cute physicist?

I'm obviously going to the wrong university, two days in a row I zap and find a movies where there is a woman physicist that is simply gorgeous. As you all know movies are faithful representation of reality so I am wondering what wrong with my part of the country for there to be so few gorgeous physicist. Also they are all single which is a far cry from reality let me tell you all the good looking physicist woman are taken. Or at least claim to be taken most of the time.. hmm maybe it me, nah. Or maybe shockingly it would be movies misrepresenting reality.

Or the world association of physicist is trying to make our profession sexier and his paying the movies producer to cast great looking girl in the roles of physicist.. yeah that must be it.

Oh and in completely unrelated news that aren't really important I've finally understood why I missed my first cake... and it is an embarrassing reason so I won't tell.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Good I can still cook

After the cake disaster I was afraid that I might have lost my cake cooking skill and tomorrow I have a party with some friends where I have to bring dessert. Now you all know that you don't get to the host house to cook or worse buy some pre-made dessert. So taking all my courage and all my "years" of cooking experience I decided to bake two batch of cup cakes. Why two you ask? well because I want to bake chocolate cup cake and the hostess doesn't like chocolate so I have to bake non-chocolate cup cake too (blueberry if you must know). Now since I considered my lack of dessert at home I decided to bake twice as much chocolate cupcake as the recipe dictated.

That lead to one little problem.. I didn't have enough sugar for both recipe so one will be bake tomorrow after I do my grocery for the week but at least the chocolate cup cake came out great looking AND great tasting.. Yumm!!!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Decisions and thoughts

After reading yofed comment, Vi's private comment and doing a little thinking by myself (yep I do that sometimes, shocking isn't it?) I've come to a decision about the girl of Kyrgyztan. I won't be giving her the address of this blog and I will try to make her understand that she doesn't love me but she thinks she loves my internet persona, which is very different from the whole me. Frankly after writing that post (I was still talking to her when I did) I realised that her "love" was more of a teenage infatuation. She apparently has never been in love and she is currently acting like a teenage girl online in talking with me. This is getting annoying fast because it makes it impossible to have a nice conversation, she's basically only saying: "I love you" every two minutes not much of a conversation you understand. Also even if the attention is flattering (from what she say I've become her whole world at the moment) it is not the kind of relationship I would be looking for (if she was living way closer to me). I want someone that I can share stuff with that I can argue (you probably know I love arguing) with and that my equal in our couple.

Oh and just to make something clear, I am not falling in love with her and I don't consider her a be prospective love interest. We do not know each other, we cannot know each other and we in all probability never have the chance to really get to know each other. Even if I was to travel to her country for a visit or (even more unlikely) she was to travel to canada to visit me there is no way we would have enough time for love to grow into something we could share.

Now, thinking about this made me question something about my blog, I've said some personal things in the past here and I have shared some of my deep thoughts. Now I plan on continuing the blog as long as I feel it is fun to do and that it help me learn about myself. So that brought me to this question: When I find a girlfriend, do I tell her about this blog or do I kept it my personal secret? Now I can see argument for both side, it my "secret garden" where I might even talk about her or some frustration about our relationship, but on the other hand it a little hypocritical to think that something on a public forum like the internet is a secret. Beside, I never want to be ashamed of what I think and if someone cannot at least accept what i write here or at least accept that it is my opinion (or a a frustrated rant that only represent my angers at something for a short while) very possibly will not be able to have a long term relationship with me. I guess I will tell her and show her this blog, I'll let her read it if she want and comment as she want. At least I'll try that with my next one, if it cause a break up I'll probably reconsider.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


You might all remember the girl from Kyrgyzstan, yeah you know the girl from the former Soviet country I had no idea existed. Well i am still talking to her fairly regularly and yesterday she "dropped a bomb" on me. She told me that I was her true love. Well, I must say that came as a surprise, I was really not expecting that. It is very flattering but I promised myself that I wouldn't fall in love with someone I have never meet over the internet again (yep again there are some few episodes of my life and the internet I have never talk about on this blog.. maybe I never will but we will see). It is not that I do not believe i could fall in love with her easily (I love our talk and from her pictures she is very beautiful) but well that promise is very strong and there is the matter of the thousands of km between us. But well that not really why I am writing about this on the blog, that really something that I can and will work out on my own.

You see I'm wondering if I should send her the address of my blog so that she could read about me and know me a lot better then through a few hours long chat on ICQ but I'm not sure I should... There are probably things on here that might shock her and burst her "love" bubble... which in a way is what I would like to do. To make her know me better so that if she really feels love it is not only for my internet persona but for the real me you know. So I ask what do you think.. please comment, for once I'm really at lost.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Another step toward robotcar

When I was last at Megantic I saw the DARPA robot car challenge at least 6 times on television, for those that do not know about it here what it was. The US army devised a 1M$ price for the creators of the first robotic car able to follow on it's own a 132 miles course through the desert while dodging obstacle and the other robot car. It was won by a team last year and another 4 or 5 car had completed the race. Now the US army came up with another challenge that should be much more difficult for robots to achieve on their own.

Participating teams will have to design a robot that will be able to navigate city street with city traffics while following traffics law and not causing an accident or hitting anything. Considering the number of moving vehicles involved and the difficulty of following traffics law this should be a very interesting challenge indeed. I don't know how much freedom they want the car to be able to have but since it involve dealing with traffic and city driving I can assume that means dealing with "unexpected situation" (like construction in a previously planed path that force you to choose a new one).

I can already imagine having to build a robot that would follow traffic signs and be able to "understand" traffic regulation such as speed limits. Now it is clear that since the military are sponsoring the event that it is for military application (this time apparently to perform supply mission in urban environment) but I believe that the artificial intelligence developed for this project will surely be able to be used in other area. And beside I think that only the challenge of doing a robot capable of succeeding in that task is worth pursuing.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I wonder if we would do better

I found this story on and I can't help to wonder how student in other part of the world would fare compared to the US student. I took the "geography" test the interactive section of the web site offered and scored a perfect score on my first try (big deal that test is very easy, come on pin point Germany on a map of Europe!). Still it is scary to think that 30% of the US student thing the most fortified border in the world is the US-Mexico border, and even scarier in my mind that 47% could not locate the Indian subcontinent on a map of Asia... it a fracking continent how can you miss it! Hell even it's name give you a big clue to where it is.

The rest of the things people did not know is just as scary but I can never help to wonder how our student would fare... can we do better at least like locate Israel on a middle-east map...

Another prog metal day

I started working this morning (*cough**cough* no I'm not procrastinating) and found that it was one of those day that I need a prog metal sound track to work efficiently. Luckily I still have the play list I made from last year edition of my prog metal day. So join me in this celebration of good music and lets just work productively to the sound of prog metal.

Also, I realised a few post ago that this blog was more then one year old, somewhat of an eternity online you know ;-) So happy one year blog!

Now that interesting

From the news I have been seeing in the past few month (since the last election to be honest) it seemed that the conservative party (currently in power as a minority government in canada) couldn't do anything that the "people" loved. At least according to the reporter that presented the news, but for some reason this survey of the population came up today on the src. Putting the Torrie's above the Bloc Québecois in Quebec. Even stranger they are almost tied in the french portion of the province where if you listen to some people they are the devils incarnated (well more like some primordial evil in the vein of Cthullu, if you listen to some of the teachers here).

Could it be that our news services are not in sync with the opinion of the population? Could it be that Quebec rejection of everything Canadian is coming to an end?

In ccompletelyunrelated news, I think I need a new watch...

Monday, May 01, 2006

Online dating statistics

Last night in a boot of curiosity I've computed my visit to message ratio for one of the dating site I frequent. So here are the result, 0.77% of the visit result in a message from the person. If I consider that 1 in every 30 is a guy that for some reason visit my page (probably to get an idea of the "competition") the ratio goes up to 0.81%. That means that my profile is interesting enough for only about 0.81% of the woman population of those sites. Of those woman that signified an interest I exchanged e-mails with 45% of them but only 7% resulted in exchanging more then 3 messages. I only received answer to about 5% of the messages I sent to woman, which is I guess the most depressing of those stats

In short I need to do three things, get a more interesting message (something catchy that woman might like to read), a better picture (one where I probably look like less of a dork.. or a nerd or a geek... or whatever), better social skill in messaging woman and hmm anything else that might help me. Maybe I should just give up on dating site like this one an concentrate on my much more successful "real life" dating (dripping sarcasm if you didn't get it).

On non related news I finally started using my bikes to work, great work out!