Saturday, April 22, 2006

yes yofed you can laught

I was baking a cake tonight, well that the theory of it, let just say that I probably screw up every piece of the cake making process for it to end up this way. it was supposed to be my favorite cake which is relatively easy to make but it didn't turn up well. It rose at least, but never achieved the cake like consistency, it is cooked (I know how to test for that) but doesn't look like any cake I had seen before. Oh well I'll do better next time, maybe I will cook cookies instead I have everything I need now.. well except a mixer (which might explain part of the problem) ever try to mix thing up manually for a cake? Let me tell you it's not that easy and apparently doesn't give good result.

I know I'm not that bad a cook, even if yofed does not believe me but this really suck. Luckily tomorrow I'll make a batch of spaghetti sauce, it should work well.. I hope.


yofed said...

I have a fool proof recipe of cake I can send you if you want. You would really have to try to screw it up!!!

anyflower said...

Stop complaining, Asaathi: everyone knows you're a good cook!