Monday, April 24, 2006

Unionising the student, part II

You remember when i talked about the union tried to unionised the student and failed to impress me? Well another group came back and I had another hours long talk with them. This time however they actually impressed me, 1st they where from my university. Second they could quote number and I could verify them without them looking all pale and scared. They were a lot more friendly then last time and also actually made some point that applied to our university instead of a vague oh we will decide that latter. They also explained directly the process of the syndicalisation and how it would work afterward without shying away from details. Finally I did not get the impression they where lying to me (a very important point for me you know).

They did not yet manage to convince me, there are some thing I would like to check first (some are their claims other are for my personal information) but at least they made me consider it, which is still a lot more that the other group did.

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