Monday, April 10, 2006

No this probably isn't the answer

I found this link... and frankly I think they are mistaken, the voluntary extinction of the human race won't solve the problem of the environment. At least not more then cutting an arm will stop poison from spreading in your system. It is possible that the human race as done nearly irreparable damage to the biosphere and that the only possible cure is that human as a race find ways to help the environment clean up the mess we have made. I remember in the early 90s global warming was a thing that was gonna have consequences in the future... consequences like weird climate in part of the world, drought in previously wet area, torrential rain in other places, increased number of dangerous storm, warm up of some area, while other gets colder. I don't know if you watched the weather or the news in the past few years but don't these sound familiar?

I don't remember exactly when or where the point of non return was (the point where nothing the environment does can return the climate to normal according to our understanding) but it was pretty close to these symptoms....

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