Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Learning russian

So we have a few strange books in the astrophysics groups library. One of them was/is Basic Russian, a book to learn russian. Never knowing when it might come to be useful I "borrowed" (well that book was covered in so much dust that we almost had to do an archaeological dig to find it so I didn't really notify anyone of my borrowing) it and I will be starting soon to "learn" russian. I wonder if it will work... Well at least I hope to have fun trying to understand a whole new language.. and hey you never know maybe the Russia will succeed in taking over the world.


yofed said...

Or you could get one of those russian brides... lol

anyflower said...

LOL, yea, good size, strong temper... that's exactly what you need!

asaathi said...

please note the following: I'm not buying a bride! :-) at least not until I am 50 and desperate for womanly attention... very desperate... borderling suicidal at least.