Monday, April 10, 2006

The damn price of gas

Well as someone who do not own a car, use airplane that often (at least when I am paying ;-)), pretty much walk or use public transportation to get anywhere you would think I'd be pretty phased by the increase of the gas price. It couldn't possibly be affecting me in meaningful way, well maybe a slight increase of my monthly bus pass but beyond that nah... surely nothing. Well I couldn't have been more wrong (well frankly i wasn't really wrong since the above isn't what I thought in the first place but it wouldn't fit the post format otherwise). You see for the past few weeks I've seen my grocery bill steadily increasing, not by much but each week a few dollars (and no I'm not buying more stuff jeezzz!). Well the increased fuel price might not be the only thing to blame their pervasiveness makes the a prime suspect. Every single part of the food processing and producing industry require fuel in one way or another. Since we live in one of those society where producer and distributor have the goal of making as much money as possible everything time you increase their cost they increase what you pay for their product.

On another not really related note, it seem our estimed provincial incompetent... oups sorry freudian slip I meant governement has shown once again that it taught people where stupider then dirt (stupid dirt at that). You see the SAAQ (Quebec nationalised car insurance compagny in a way, it is responsable for all injuries to people, immatriculation of vehicules and drivers license) just annonced it would raise the cost of the immatriculation of vehicules and drivers license this july (by more then 50% in most case!) and the Charest inc... governement kept claiming that the SAAQ was an independant organism and that they couldn't change their decision or influence it in anyway. Well thanks to the publicness of governement and that fact that we have law giving anyone who request for them just about every information about governement meeting that were held, a journalist found out something interesting. It appears that in meeting with the SAAQ administrator earlier the governement asked them to change their scheduled increase to 2006 (instead of 2007 an election year) and to compensate made the increase larger and planned another in 2008... So instead of being screwed over once, we get to be screwed over twice! How nice of them... well I don't expect this revelation to change anything but it just reaffirm my belief that a change is needed soon and not the other party but for something new. Maybe a new form of democratie or just some completly new political player.

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