Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Crap insomina.. or something like it.

4 am, I am wide awake and I have been for more then half an hour. Strange all the thoughts that go through your head at 4 am when you cannot sleep and try to attempt to start to sleep (doesn't work apparently). Their are the usual self analysis about my lack of girlfriend and characters flaws that might be at the root of this problem. But those thoughts can stay in my head for long for some reason what I am thinking about is redecorating... and finishing some decorating that I've put off for a long while (like painting the table...). So after another half hour of being in my bed turning and thinking I finally decided to get up and do something (instead of turning) true I didn't start the redecorating (well that not entirely true, I moved some things around and cleaned some mess) but at least I did a list of the things I will need to do and the things I will need to buy to make my decoration project complete. I could have used the sleep instead but apparently my body still isn't sure when it should be awake thanks to my trip to megantic last week...

I hope It will get closer to a normal schedule soon it annoying waking up at 3h30 am. oh well that where the news from my side of the universe.

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anyflower said...

The problem usually is not insomnia itself but the fact that you have to get up early the next day... I know how it feels!