Sunday, April 30, 2006

Battle of deodorant

Have you noticed the new trend in male deodorant these day? You know those product that once you've put them on you become irresistible to woman? You remember how it started with Axe and now a new player is following the trend: Tag. Well new is a relative term but since it the first time I talk about them and Tag is the second comer on this battle it is the new player so there.

Both have advertisement where "normal" guy spray on the deodorant and suddenly thousand of women find them irresistibly attractive. Well come on smell is a powerful factor in attraction but well now that much right? In fact those ad are starting to become ridiculous, one or two is comical and fun but now they are literally hundreds of them.

Oh and before someone does the wise ass comment of maybe I should try using one to get a girl I must say I already am and it isn't working (damn false advertisement, i can't even see as many pretty woman as there are in those ad.. maybe I am using mine wrong...)


anyflower said...

After the women-object, now is the men-object trend. Sad.

yofed said...

I don't know about these deodorants, but my man uses one sometimes, made by (yes, I know!) Old Spice that smells so good that I keep putting my face in his armpit and many of his female friends asked him what was that good smell....

They should do something like that to change the smell of your farts!