Sunday, April 30, 2006

Battle of deodorant

Have you noticed the new trend in male deodorant these day? You know those product that once you've put them on you become irresistible to woman? You remember how it started with Axe and now a new player is following the trend: Tag. Well new is a relative term but since it the first time I talk about them and Tag is the second comer on this battle it is the new player so there.

Both have advertisement where "normal" guy spray on the deodorant and suddenly thousand of women find them irresistibly attractive. Well come on smell is a powerful factor in attraction but well now that much right? In fact those ad are starting to become ridiculous, one or two is comical and fun but now they are literally hundreds of them.

Oh and before someone does the wise ass comment of maybe I should try using one to get a girl I must say I already am and it isn't working (damn false advertisement, i can't even see as many pretty woman as there are in those ad.. maybe I am using mine wrong...)

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Well it all right I guess

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

Somehow I am not surprised by these result, particullarly the love part. At least, my life seems to be not so bad.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Learning russian

So we have a few strange books in the astrophysics groups library. One of them was/is Basic Russian, a book to learn russian. Never knowing when it might come to be useful I "borrowed" (well that book was covered in so much dust that we almost had to do an archaeological dig to find it so I didn't really notify anyone of my borrowing) it and I will be starting soon to "learn" russian. I wonder if it will work... Well at least I hope to have fun trying to understand a whole new language.. and hey you never know maybe the Russia will succeed in taking over the world.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Unionising the student, part II

You remember when i talked about the union tried to unionised the student and failed to impress me? Well another group came back and I had another hours long talk with them. This time however they actually impressed me, 1st they where from my university. Second they could quote number and I could verify them without them looking all pale and scared. They were a lot more friendly then last time and also actually made some point that applied to our university instead of a vague oh we will decide that latter. They also explained directly the process of the syndicalisation and how it would work afterward without shying away from details. Finally I did not get the impression they where lying to me (a very important point for me you know).

They did not yet manage to convince me, there are some thing I would like to check first (some are their claims other are for my personal information) but at least they made me consider it, which is still a lot more that the other group did.

Nuclear power

In two days we will see the 20th anniversary of the largest man-made nuclear contamination the world as ever seen, a tragedy that released into the atmosphere more then 400 time the radioactive material that the nuclear bomb over Hiroshima did: the Chernobyl disaster. This coupled with the Iran nuclear fuel enrichment "crisis" bring the debate of the use of nuclear power as energy to the forefront, particularly in light of ever increasing gaz price.

(little note, everything below is about fission nuclear power, fusion bring another set of problem and as yet to be achieved so I won't talk about it.) Personally, I have only one problem with nuclear power and it is the waste, nuclear waste are clearly one of the worse type of waste human can produce (some with an half life in the thousand of year (meaning that after a thousand year half of the material as decayed into something else it means we have to make storage good for thousand of years, something that very few human structures have achieved for the moment). Until we can find a way to safely dispose or reuse those waste product great care as to be put into the control of the amongst of nuclear power we will use. Chernobyl is also a good reason for us to be weary of nuclear power plant project, it as shown that tragic mistake can easily take place and that they will have considerable impact on a very large region at least for a century and probably more. It will have an even more dramatic impact on the population of theses regions, luckily it appear the mutant and deformed baby we expected from Chernobyl never materialised but the still birth and sterility rate are scary.

However and finally I believe that nuclear power is something we should look into, even with all it problem it is safer for the environment then most other energy production methods. With proper security measure accident become relatively unlikely. It probably shouldn't not be our first choice in energy production but it is definitively an option.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

yes yofed you can laught

I was baking a cake tonight, well that the theory of it, let just say that I probably screw up every piece of the cake making process for it to end up this way. it was supposed to be my favorite cake which is relatively easy to make but it didn't turn up well. It rose at least, but never achieved the cake like consistency, it is cooked (I know how to test for that) but doesn't look like any cake I had seen before. Oh well I'll do better next time, maybe I will cook cookies instead I have everything I need now.. well except a mixer (which might explain part of the problem) ever try to mix thing up manually for a cake? Let me tell you it's not that easy and apparently doesn't give good result.

I know I'm not that bad a cook, even if yofed does not believe me but this really suck. Luckily tomorrow I'll make a batch of spaghetti sauce, it should work well.. I hope.

Farewell Piccolo

Well I just read a post for a good friend that said she will be leaving the blogsphere. I hope she will still read my post and her other online friend (and keep complaining about my taste in girl, and political ideas). So in a way this is farewell in the blogsphere and I really hope to see you soon.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Secular society?

One of the thing most of western civilisation pride itself upon is the separation of church and state. The freedom of everyone to worship who or what they may (this is a subliminal message: worship the flying spaghetti monster) and the assurance that religious wars and percussion will be prevented. We try to keep the catholic roots of our society founding father (at least here in Canada) out of classroom and out of the the law. We end up with strange things like allowing knife in classroom in the name of religious freedom and things like that (subliminal message: let his noodlely appendage touch you).

However one thing where we are apparently not even looking at this secularisation of society is the holidays. We just had Easter, and most business where on smaller hours and personnel, friday and most where closed sunday. Now the problem appears here, Easter is a mostly christian holiday (unlike Chrismast who happens to fall close to at least a few other religions holiday) and using it as a state sanctioned holiday is in a way a promotion of Christianity. Well one might argue that it is just because of our christian roots and that it is just celebrated by the state out of tradition but that probably not the message it send to the rest of the world you know... It kinda like making a post about secular society and posting subliminal message about the flying spaghetti monster...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Conspiracy Theory

To a gamer having a game set in a "dark and mysterious" mirror of the world we are used to, conspiracy theory are a god send. People have actually took time to flesh out dark tread dominating the path taken by government and people. Making sure important technology like the electric car is not released keeping people ignorant of the treat of the alien. And all those thing that are so fun to include in a game. Even if you are not playing a modern dark mirror of our world you can always used conspiration theory for inspiration, need a pervasive enemy for your space faring heroes?

How about the hidden leaders and scientist of a cruel previous evil nation that are secretly manipulating the new government toward becoming as evil an cruel as the defeated nation ever was? How about having your fantasy heroes having to overcome the machination of religious dragon who through their wealth and power are controlling the government, the army and the magic guild?

What about a good empire that is hidding to its population that the big bad evil thing from the past is awaken again and that their are fighting a losing war on the frontier against it influence? Or the new hyperdrive that this crazy scientist on Orion VI developed that doesn't required deadly quantity of antimatter but that the antimatter production lobby do not want you to have? Or maybe you prefer to deal with the mind stealer having made a deal with your king, in exchange for magical power undreamed of by other kingdom they can kidnap people each year for their sinister bio-psionical experiment... Or the peak diamond dust problem, it is such a common component in spell casting that it is getting more and more expensive and the dwarf do not want you to know that they have run out of easy source to exploit and that soon as the demand increase their will be no more of this magical ingredient...

In short those are god sent to people that don't have that much time to build a story for their weekly game. Please continue to make those theory and story, they might (I might be wrong but chances are...) be wrong in our world but nothing says they can't be right in a perpendicular universe!

Monday, April 10, 2006

No this probably isn't the answer

I found this link... and frankly I think they are mistaken, the voluntary extinction of the human race won't solve the problem of the environment. At least not more then cutting an arm will stop poison from spreading in your system. It is possible that the human race as done nearly irreparable damage to the biosphere and that the only possible cure is that human as a race find ways to help the environment clean up the mess we have made. I remember in the early 90s global warming was a thing that was gonna have consequences in the future... consequences like weird climate in part of the world, drought in previously wet area, torrential rain in other places, increased number of dangerous storm, warm up of some area, while other gets colder. I don't know if you watched the weather or the news in the past few years but don't these sound familiar?

I don't remember exactly when or where the point of non return was (the point where nothing the environment does can return the climate to normal according to our understanding) but it was pretty close to these symptoms....

The damn price of gas

Well as someone who do not own a car, use airplane that often (at least when I am paying ;-)), pretty much walk or use public transportation to get anywhere you would think I'd be pretty phased by the increase of the gas price. It couldn't possibly be affecting me in meaningful way, well maybe a slight increase of my monthly bus pass but beyond that nah... surely nothing. Well I couldn't have been more wrong (well frankly i wasn't really wrong since the above isn't what I thought in the first place but it wouldn't fit the post format otherwise). You see for the past few weeks I've seen my grocery bill steadily increasing, not by much but each week a few dollars (and no I'm not buying more stuff jeezzz!). Well the increased fuel price might not be the only thing to blame their pervasiveness makes the a prime suspect. Every single part of the food processing and producing industry require fuel in one way or another. Since we live in one of those society where producer and distributor have the goal of making as much money as possible everything time you increase their cost they increase what you pay for their product.

On another not really related note, it seem our estimed provincial incompetent... oups sorry freudian slip I meant governement has shown once again that it taught people where stupider then dirt (stupid dirt at that). You see the SAAQ (Quebec nationalised car insurance compagny in a way, it is responsable for all injuries to people, immatriculation of vehicules and drivers license) just annonced it would raise the cost of the immatriculation of vehicules and drivers license this july (by more then 50% in most case!) and the Charest inc... governement kept claiming that the SAAQ was an independant organism and that they couldn't change their decision or influence it in anyway. Well thanks to the publicness of governement and that fact that we have law giving anyone who request for them just about every information about governement meeting that were held, a journalist found out something interesting. It appears that in meeting with the SAAQ administrator earlier the governement asked them to change their scheduled increase to 2006 (instead of 2007 an election year) and to compensate made the increase larger and planned another in 2008... So instead of being screwed over once, we get to be screwed over twice! How nice of them... well I don't expect this revelation to change anything but it just reaffirm my belief that a change is needed soon and not the other party but for something new. Maybe a new form of democratie or just some completly new political player.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Their is something wrong in our society...

I came across this news articles when surfing CNN today. And let me say that anything involving: argument about if a 5 years old should drink beer, guns, baseball bat, baby shower and pregnant woman are bound to end badly. What the hell where they thinking? I admit I haven't been to many baby shower (a big 0 to be honest) but I expect most do not involve any of the preceding except the pregnant woman and baby shower. I'm really too stunned to post any meaning full comment, my only question is: "How the frack can something like that come to be in our day and age? "

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Crap insomina.. or something like it.

4 am, I am wide awake and I have been for more then half an hour. Strange all the thoughts that go through your head at 4 am when you cannot sleep and try to attempt to start to sleep (doesn't work apparently). Their are the usual self analysis about my lack of girlfriend and characters flaws that might be at the root of this problem. But those thoughts can stay in my head for long for some reason what I am thinking about is redecorating... and finishing some decorating that I've put off for a long while (like painting the table...). So after another half hour of being in my bed turning and thinking I finally decided to get up and do something (instead of turning) true I didn't start the redecorating (well that not entirely true, I moved some things around and cleaned some mess) but at least I did a list of the things I will need to do and the things I will need to buy to make my decoration project complete. I could have used the sleep instead but apparently my body still isn't sure when it should be awake thanks to my trip to megantic last week...

I hope It will get closer to a normal schedule soon it annoying waking up at 3h30 am. oh well that where the news from my side of the universe.