Thursday, March 09, 2006

Score one for irony and china.

After hundreds of human right report on the poor situation of civics right in China here comes China rebuttal that I personally find very interesting. It goes on telling by way of a report the world about the US breaks and non respect of their citizen civics right. It shows that you cannot hope to take the moral high ground and lecture everyone if it can be shown that you are not that perfect yourself. No one will take you seriously. I think that something the Canada should try to realise and remember, we are not saint and we often have no right to lecture anyone.


yofed said...

Ok, let's put one thing straight: the US is one of the worse countries when it comes to human rights. The French are pretty bad too, pretending they are open minded while they are SOOOOO racist and self absorbed. No matter how much some people in Quebec hate our country, Canada actually is a safe haven where human rights are often put to the extreme. Are we good people who can dictate other people's behaviour? Nope. But we have nothing to be ashamed of.

anyflower said...

When you want to teach a life lesson to someone, bragging is not the way to do it. Showing an exemple of authenticity between actions and thought is the best thing to do.