Monday, March 06, 2006

Peanut-butter kiss apparently not deadly

A few month ago there was a news story about a girl allergic to peanut butter dying after her boyfriend kissed her hours after having eaten a peanut butter toast (or something of the kind, something with peanut butter in or on it doesn't really matter you know). The news reported that she had an allergic reaction to the trace peanut butter remaining in her boyfriend mouth (the guy had apparently brushed his teeth before kissing her). Now however it seem that the investigator have found that an allergic reaction to peanut butter wasn't the cause of death (see this link). They won't reveal the cause of death so I tend to be careful about the whole thing but you know I think that might be a good case of someone jumping to conclusion and starting a urban legend. And I am betting you that in a few years we will hear that story as something that happened to a friend of a friend warning us to be careful when we have allergies to foodstuff....

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