Monday, March 13, 2006

PATRIOT law and laws like it

Just like the US, Canada as an any terrorist law that allows the government to spy on it's citizen and even detain them without the due process of our country law (and as I like to point out to many people it got through our legislature faster and with less debate then the patriot act, scary ain't it?). Now I have heard people say: "what the problem as long as you don't do anything illegal you have nothing to fear from these law?" Well the first problem is that what they are saying is wrong... what they should be saying is: "Well as long as the law don't change and that you do not do anything that is considered illegal by those interpreting the law your all right" and since they do not have to follow the due process of law you would be better changing that sentence to: "Well as long as the law don't change and that you do not piss up anyone that as the power to apply laws, or have friend who have the power to apply these law and that you do not do anything illegal you will be all right."

You see I think those kind of law are wrong for many reason, first they only protect the power in place, not it's citizen. Second the people that made those law also have the power to change other laws, and you might end up in the situation where something that you could only do in the privacy of your own home (such as picking your nose) and that would be basically a useless law since the law authority couldn't enforce it easily becomes very easily enforced by placing surveillance on suspected people or even just people at random. Sure my example is silly, but just imagine down the road in 10, 20 years a government that would make some sexual act illegal or a section of the population suspect and would use those law to imprison people, monitor people, their friend and acquaintance and generally keep themselves in power by removing those that would threaten them.

Remember that the time to act to stop idiotic laws "to protect" is now. Not after the homosexual, the poor, the jew and the Yehova witness have been imprisoned and now they are coming for you... If we wait for unfair and dangerous law that target another group of the population to be applied to our particular group we will probably find that there are no one to stand with us when we try to defend ourself...


anyflower said...

I strongly recommand to you to read 1980 by George Orwell... you'll understand what I mean!

anyflower said...

oops, I meant 1984! sorry, misspelled!