Monday, March 27, 2006

Megantic day 2

Last night was like the best kind of night you can have at Megantic, clear sky, no cloud in sight, the moon far from where I was observing and no instrument problem. Which mean there is going to be a problem with the data ;-) Just kidding. According to the astronomy weather prediction we should have some cloud in the beginning of the night and the around midnight (with 4 hours of observation time left!) a clear sky. That is great since the target I came to observe is best viewed in the end of the night. Now today I went and travel a good 4-5 km of snowshoeing, teaching me once again that I am not as fit as I thought I was.. lets just say that the first 2.5km are downhill and quite easy but the return trip... well that a whole other story. I probably stopped at every 25 m or so. Oh well I plan on doing this or something like it every day until I go back so at worse it will help my health! Signing off from the starting to be cloudy top of Mont Megantic.

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