Monday, March 13, 2006

It's for your own good...

Piccolo's blog inspired me (this post in particular, a little note this is not a reply to that post, it as just about nothing to do with it in fact)to post something about a subject I find persistently annoying. What I call the it's for your own good syndrome. You know all those things that are made for your protection or for your own safety or to give you a better services, like for example cameras in changing room in a clothes store, or armed security guard near the door of your bank or law that stop you from listening to a song or reading a book. How are these thing for my own good, in fact how are those things helping me? In what way is watching me change clothes to try them on "for my protection"?

What does that mean you know that everyone is a shop lifter unless they do not see them stealing? That "for my protection" means in fact for the store protection? I am seeing this as one of those empty sentence used by people to save guard your feeling about something. They use it's for your own good (or a variation...) to hide for that fact that they would say something about you that you might not accept directly (i.e in the store example your a shoplifter unless we prove you are not).

It seems to be a way our society to say: "well you are too dumb to really know what is good for you so, here listen to us and we will tell you what is really good for you." It might have started as a way to tell people that really couldn't tell what is good for them (people who for some reason have psychological or physical condition preventing them from knowing these or experience life as an functioning member of society) but it seem to be degenerating into something we tell everyone regardless of capacity.

If you ever want to do something for me or to me that is "for my own good" instead of going it to protect you, or it's to safeguard your feeling or anything of the kind why don't you explain to me what it is exactly and let me choose if it is really for my own good or not. Don't worry about my feelings, my protection or my security I can worry about that myself.

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Piccolo said...

Even if it's not a reply to my post, I loved what you said about that! And for your own good, get a girlfriend!!! hi,hi,hi