Sunday, March 26, 2006


I recently learned about the existence of skepchick magazine and as a geek and self prophesied skeptic (not a really good one but hey!) I had to look it up. What I found was very interesting, the first article I read challenged a basic assumption that many guy/girl held: that most woman (if not people) have low self-esteem. they do it using something I love to do: challenge the premise of an argument. You know when you come up again an already made answer that you hear all the time (mostly in the media) and then ask, is this really true. (When example that came to mind is the Stephen Harper is gonna make abortion illegal argument I had many time with friends. He never said that, he only said: "If it ever come up in the chamber there will be a vote on it." which is not the same thing at all...)

anyway that was just to brag a little and point you to the interesting skepchick magazine.

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