Monday, March 20, 2006

Geeks and girls.

I was talking to yofed last night and I told her I would be making a post about something related to me figuring if a girl likes me or not. Now from experience and talking to other people I think it is not just related to me but to geek (or maybe that is more of a nerd thing...) in general. I simply cannot figure correctly if a girl is interested to me or not, well that not exactly true I can figure it but for one correct she is interested in me (or uninterested) I probably have 4 or 5 wrong. You see if I'm interested (and think there is a chance in hell of it working) in a woman I tend to see friendliness (or simply acknowledgement of my existence ;-)) as interest however if I'm not interested (or if I think the heat death of hell would happen sooner then our dating through sheer exhaustion of all other possibility) I won't register the sign of I will rationalise them as friendliness or something of the kind. Luckily as I get older and less stupid (I was gonna say wiser but you read my blog, there is no way you where gonna believe that) my average increase so probably before I'm 7 millions years old I'll get a .5 average.

So in short I think that one of the fundamental problem/constant of geekdom is that they cannot recognize when people are genuinely interested in them, probably from some kind of social misadaptation. So I hope it answer yofed question about me and if it doesn't well I don't think I'll say anything more about this subject ;-)

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