Sunday, March 05, 2006

the end of an era

Last monday marked the end of an era, well a very short era as it had only been three year but an era none the less. You see last monday marked the end of one my weekly roleplaying games (yes I know am a geek, two games is way too many for a 28 years old). It was a dungeon and dragon game set in the Warhammer game world (yes we do know there is a warhammer rpg but it didn't exist at the time and dungeon was all the rage so there). It was one of the few games where I was a player not a game master (yes I know still geekier). And I must say I am happy it is over. You see that game was getting dull for me. I played a wizard (up one level in geekiness again it seems) and the game keeps getting simpler and simple up to a point where I didn't have that much fun playing it. You see the plot was advancing too fast, we where up again a soon to be undead demigod (yes I actually wrote those worlds in a sentence, I know I know geekier by the second, I'm almost at the nerds level there) and it was simply not fun for me anymore. The biggest issue I had with the game is that I felt like we where a side story of the story instead of the big story.

It started to feel like we where secondary character in the game, sure we where present at all the big battle but the main thing seemed to be done by other people. For example at one time we fought this "corrupted" priest of the god of law and even if we had done all the work we did not get to be the one that either redepemted him or kill him. Another time we had to be saved by random priest of pelor that just happened to have a gate spell memorised. It started to feel like we where the guy sabotaging corruscant while the rebel fleet was destroying the imperial fleet around Endor (GEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!). So it was a relief that it ended, I couldn't really play more my character was feeling more and more like it was bound to some plot it didn't have to follow yet for the sake of the GM (game master for you none gaming folk) not something we would logically do. And I hated the ending to be honest, every player got a small reward but nothing we had worked for or really deserved, my character got to be the official imperial mage but he didn't want that, in fact he didn't want nothing to do with the empire.. another player never showed any interest in war yet was named the empire general... my last toughs about that game was: poor empire an incompetent for general and an uninterested mage for magic representant.

After looking back at that game i think the problem was lack of feed back from the player. The GM asked for adventure idea and thing our character would want to do and only one player answer (me). We didn,t do anything I proposed but still i can't help but fell if more people would have answered we would have had more personalised adventure. As 13th level character we couldn't realistically be involved in a war against a god. Even as 16th level character it wasn't believable or logical.

So that was the geekiest post of the week, if I ever get a geekier post you can laugh at me some more :-)

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