Thursday, March 30, 2006

Dreaming at Megantic

Well I am on my fifth day of apparently clear sky (I'm still waiting for the night to be sure it will be clear) at Mont Megantic. Making what was thought to be impossible a run with more then 2 concecutives days of clearsky. I have good hope to establish an unbreakable record of 6 nights on 6 possible night here at the Mont Megantic. I would like to thank my friends, who supported me, my parent without.. ah cut the crap the weather is just being nice ;-) However it is starting to get scary for my return at Québec, people my be jealouse of me and make attemps on my good fortune by I don't know stealing my non-existant girlfriend or calling me names or in one particullar case accidently deleting my computer access.. ;-)

But speaking of non existent girlfriend, I had a dream that since I remember it (wich is rare in my case and means yes you will have to read all about and hopefull comment). So the dream start with me having a date (yep first second into the dream and you already know it's a fantasy ;-)) with a dropdead gorgeous girl. So I meet up with her in front of her appartement and tell her that I will go get the rented car. So I walk up to the end of the street (which is apparently very very long as I cannot see the appartement or the girl) where the car is located in a empty parking lot (not a dealership or something like that). I get in the car and back up in the street, when I get ready to start forward again I stop realising that I hit a parked (or at least really snow moving) Ferari (or lamborgini, anyway a very low sport car). The guy get out of the car apparently not pissed that I hit the car, he just want to get my insurance paper to get the paint that is scrached repaired. The guy is the typical rich young playboy except that he is not arrogant or snobish.

So I'm looking in the car for my insurence paper (car which for some reason is now back in the parking) and can't seem to find them (the dealership parper are apparently not the insurance). I finally find them but now a policement is there to talk, spontaneously, we are looking at the insurance paper when my father arrive and we all start talking about the insurance and the accident, no one is pissed it is all very friendly, the policemen laughting with the playboy and my father telling jokes about low sport car while I am getting confused. Then to add to the confusion, one of my teacher who is the one that is paying for the rented car (don't ask how I know it made sense in the dream) arrives to look at the non-existant damage (to both car!).

All the while I'm trying to get those people to agree that everything is all right that the insurance paper and numbre have been given and that I can go on to my date. I'm not really arguing but I feel rushed and want to complet the problem as fast as possible. It takes hours and magically the car is back in the street in front of the sport car. I'm going wow if that girl is still waiting for me she is my soul mate or the perfect girl for me but I really don't have any hope. So FINALLY, everyone aggree that it is all right and that everyone should leave and that the insurance will be all right. I leave turning into the street where the girl was waiting for me.

After driving for as much time as I walked to the parking lot I get to the place where the girl should have been waiting for me. Of course now I am on the other side of the road and for some reason I can't see her, I do a U turn and miraculously she is there sitting on the grass in front of her house (well before it was an apparentement now it is a house go figure). When I stop the car she waves to me raise and yell: "I'll go tell my roommate your here, wait up!" As she leave to enter the house and while she walk up I can't help to think: "Wow great ass" (hey I'm a guy). She walk back all smile and looking gorgeous, and ask:"so where are we going?" I'm like looking confused and answer bad with: "Your not wondering why I was late or if I had not played a trick on you?" to wich she answers with a smile: "You promised you'd pick me up and that we'll have a great time. I belived you..." We start moving in a strange vehicule where we can be seated next to each other but have to pedale for the motor to work and the 3-wheeled vehicule to rolls.. the dreams end with us driving toward I don't know where and me telling about the story of the day and the girl laughting.

So that was my dream, what do you think? I'm really weird or just desperate for attention from a girl?


yofed said...

yuk! yuk!

anyflower said...

I think that means you're actually pedaling very hard to get a girl by your side.

Piccolo said...

Or you'r Fred Flinstone... Go get a dreams dictionnary!!!