Monday, February 06, 2006

Wow the weather is really interesting..

More chronicle from the Observatory, we still have nice observation friendly weather (beware not to be slashed by the dripping sarcasm of his comment). Yep for 7 day now I had only cloud or the moon through cloud to observe, to make matter worse the full moon is coming up and that makes the project we are working on even harder to do. In fact I'm pretty sure that any data we might get. You see the moon is bright and really lit up the night sky, the object we want to look at are faint galaxy, (very fain to be honest 10 millions time fainter than the faintest star you can see by eye) so having a bright lit sky is really crappy.

However, since I have basically nothing to do all night I've decided to work on my first story post for my story post blog... lets hope I manage to write it fast and well.

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