Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Wow, just wow

I just read this article on cnn and I must say WOW! That world we live in still hold secrets that we must uncover. In this ages of satellite maps and gps there are still little corner of our planet holding dear secrets. New species of bird, insect, mammal and reptile that we have yet to find and understand. Area that could have held ancient civilisation we know nothing about. This is fantastic don't you think? Finding new secrets and new life, finding that even if we though we knew everything about our world it still held secrets right under our unblinking eyes in the sky?


Piccolo said...

I know, I heard about that on radio. That's fantastic! The only thing bothering me is that tha human touch that. I'm just a little scare about the destruction power of the human being and those animals never knew that before, I just hope they won't see that soon.

anyflower said...

Yea... it bothers me that now that people know about this corner of paradise, they will establish a resort there or destroy that place too. Anyhow, I also admire the scientific success we "witnessed".