Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Single on Valentine's Day

Well I'm still single and it's Valentine's day, which mean I should either be desperate for a date or getting pessimistic about my lack of love life. But you know, I don't feel either I'm in fact happy and frankly I think I don't need to feel any different. Beside you know, if it was april's fool day I might be God's gift to women ;-) (sorry couldn't resist plugging that)

On another related note, I've seen many people being pissed at Valentine's day, saying it's just a commercial ploy to get you to spend more money. Well while this is true, it doesn't mean we the people can't hijack it and make it a true holiday about love and showing it to our partner (if any). So lets just show our loves to each other and have fun and say screw you to the big company that want to make profits out of our love.

So enjoy!

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yofed said...

Yesterday was both my best and worse valentine's day ever. Best because for the first time since the boy got out of the hospital in april 2004, he fell asleep on me, and daddy got me flowers and chocolate. Unfortunately, I was home, sick like a dog, I had overpriced, ugly carnations and unpalatable chocolate. But the intentions were there,,, lol