Sunday, February 19, 2006

Ghost stories and definitions

Today I was watching the discovery channel and I listen to two ghosts stories shows. Both where the haunted house variety where a family moves into an house and some ghost scare them into moving out. Every time some medium comes into the show try to scares the "ghost" away which since the end of the show is always the family moving out fails. Also they show evidences of the ghost such as tape recording noise when there is no one over and pictures of scary faces showing where they where no one. I'd have no problem with those shows except for the fact that they are presented as scientific shows, while never using any science. In fact in both show I've seen the expert where nothing more then friends of the family (thankfully presented as such) who for some reason always knew about 20 mediums. Also just about every inhabitant is called a laten medium by the medium to explain the phenomenon. It's a very one story show, in fact it's always always always the same: people move in old perfect house, strange phenomenon happen, people start to investigate then start to think it's ghost, call in medium, medium give name of the ghost(s)(more often then not is ghosts), people find ghost name in old public record, try to scare ghost away, ghost are not moved and increase their assault on the people, and finally the people (usually the woman of the couple convince the man to leave) leaves. Strange I would have though that ghost where more original then that.. oh well guess I am once again wrong about the world...;-)

I've been listened to a few other shows and I realised somethings about the words we use. Some have very distinct definition from what they means in reality. For example take the word prophecy: It's usually mean a prediction about the future. But in reality the only prophecy we know are those that have become true, so in truth prophecy means: Something that happened in the past but that had been predicted in an completely impossible to understand language even earlier in the past. War crime means: an action in a war that is again the law of war signed by the nations. But if you look at the actions of nation in World War II for example it seems to means: An action taken by the looser that is again the law of war the victor define. Remember that it's the allies that carpet bombed, firebombed and nuked it's enemies, not the other way around.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Single on Valentine's Day

Well I'm still single and it's Valentine's day, which mean I should either be desperate for a date or getting pessimistic about my lack of love life. But you know, I don't feel either I'm in fact happy and frankly I think I don't need to feel any different. Beside you know, if it was april's fool day I might be God's gift to women ;-) (sorry couldn't resist plugging that)

On another related note, I've seen many people being pissed at Valentine's day, saying it's just a commercial ploy to get you to spend more money. Well while this is true, it doesn't mean we the people can't hijack it and make it a true holiday about love and showing it to our partner (if any). So lets just show our loves to each other and have fun and say screw you to the big company that want to make profits out of our love.

So enjoy!

Friday, February 10, 2006

A guy question...

First a warning as I know that some people first reaction will be to complain about my personal choices of criterion for woman. This is not about me, it is a general question, it relates to my situation slightly but this post is in general not in my situation (even if I will use examples from my life). So please don't comment with something like: you wouldn't have a problem if you where less picky with girls.

Are girl (woman) more likely to find someone rapidly then guy? I ask because most woman that I knew that were single are now matched with someone, while every guy in the same situation is still single. I think that it might be somehow easier for a girl but I might be mistaken so please you my reader enlighten me and tell me. Ok true I might be biased again guy since most of the single guy that I know where single long before I meet my ex but still...

So what do you think? (oh and once again please no post about my insane criterion for woman)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

well would you look at that

I posted my first french story on my story blog (yeah I haven't forgotten about my resolution to learn french.) So read it if you want and comment if you do please!..

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Wow, just wow

I just read this article on cnn and I must say WOW! That world we live in still hold secrets that we must uncover. In this ages of satellite maps and gps there are still little corner of our planet holding dear secrets. New species of bird, insect, mammal and reptile that we have yet to find and understand. Area that could have held ancient civilisation we know nothing about. This is fantastic don't you think? Finding new secrets and new life, finding that even if we though we knew everything about our world it still held secrets right under our unblinking eyes in the sky?

Monday, February 06, 2006

Wow the weather is really interesting..

More chronicle from the Observatory, we still have nice observation friendly weather (beware not to be slashed by the dripping sarcasm of his comment). Yep for 7 day now I had only cloud or the moon through cloud to observe, to make matter worse the full moon is coming up and that makes the project we are working on even harder to do. In fact I'm pretty sure that any data we might get. You see the moon is bright and really lit up the night sky, the object we want to look at are faint galaxy, (very fain to be honest 10 millions time fainter than the faintest star you can see by eye) so having a bright lit sky is really crappy.

However, since I have basically nothing to do all night I've decided to work on my first story post for my story post blog... lets hope I manage to write it fast and well.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Nice weather we are having oh yeah...

Yep I'm at the Mont Megantic Observatory and we are having really great weather.. during the day. At night now we have a long and dark cloud cover that prevent us from doing any science. At the moment we had about 1 hour of clear sky time and it wasn't even that good. Particular cloud cover prevented us from having a flux standard that will remove part of what we can do with the data. Any way at least I have great days but really crappy night, that gave me the opportunity to try snowshoeing it fun but really hard particularly since the mont Megantic is you know a mountain and we have to climb and climb all the time.