Sunday, January 01, 2006

Resolution 2006

Unlike some people I don't normally make new year resolution infact that last I made was in 2000 and it was more of a joke the anything. But this year there are a few things I want to make my goals for the next year. So without further rambling I give you like yofed my list of resolution:

1. NOT GET PREGNANT ;-p sorry yofed coudln't resist making that joke
2. Work longer hours on my phd
3. Clean my appartement more regularly and more completly
4. Listen more to people when they talk
5. Care more about what other people thing and say
6. Post more often on my blog
7. Start a french story writing blog so that I can get people to read my story and help me learn my french so that I can finally write corretly.
8. Stop waiting to find a girlfriend and live
9. Restart my excercie "program" that I stoped when I moved
10. Read the sentences when I read not what I think they mean (that goes with #7)

So that about it, according to the average track record of people in Canada I should be able at least to keep #1 and perhaps one or two of the others. But I'm really hopefull for #1 it should be too hard. I'll look back in 2007 and give you an idea of how my resolution where kept.

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yofed said...

Good luck! Those are not easy ones, but I am sure that with enough will, you'll manage to keep some of them!