Thursday, January 26, 2006

Oh my god.

Well I had an news again cigarette now I have a scary very scary news ... google aggreeing to censor itself in China. The form of censorship I find the most repulsive is the propaganda kind, you know when something like a governement arange to censor every information that do not support their view of a subjet. This form of censorship is the bread and butter if not the very life support system of dictatorship. It is also a method of though control, with only information on one side of the issue a large number of people will start to belive that this side is the truth and but unable (and even unwilling) to question it.

I find it very scary when a compagnie that made it's job of getting information acessible to a wide range of people on almost every subjet with no filter would make a version of their search engine adapted to censor information at a governements will. What is the scariest about this is what stop them from doing it more subtily to our result to support some agenda. What will prevent it in the furtur from being used as a propaganda tool agains unpopular ideas from one group of people or another?

I belive that there should be only one rule to the internet: "there shall be no barrier to knowledge and information." Sure that as some big danger (proliferation of child pornography and exterme ideology like the NAZI ideology) but I belive that those are small in comparaison of a totally controled internet when information and knowledge are at the mercy of someone who probably only has is best interest at hear not our own.


anyflower said...

China is overpopulated. That's a good place to make money when you're a capitalist... as long as the Chinese government accepts you in the country. Unfortunately, Google chose money over human rights. I'm very, very disappointed too. I feel betrayed by Google, I thought they'd share my value system. Apparently, their main value is money... at any cost,

yofed said...

Not at any cost, since thay at least refuse to divulgate to the US government the research of the search engines. That may be very little, but who cares about a little bit of censorship in China anyway! As long as they don't invade us... lol