Sunday, January 01, 2006

A new year eve...

Well first Happy new year to everyone, may 2006 be a year to be remembered for it good things!

Second well as the title say I will be going on and on about my new year eve party. Normally my new year eve is about as interesing as watching paint dry, well maybe not that bad but it's probably close, in my familly the only parties are on new year day so new year eve is just a boring old day of the year. In fact that might surprise you but it is the last day of the year (oh and did you hear next year it will be a friday the 13th... yeah scary hey?). So yesterday afternoon when I was getting my ass kicked in Warsong glutch pvp of World of Warcraft so bad by the horde (DAMN SHAMAN!) my friend (more on him latter it's quite funny) dropped me a line between to battleground event saying: " Hey wanna come to god forsaken hole town #234 and go to a bar with friend #2?" looking at my schedule I had no other choose then saying: "hmm yeah sure!"

So we go to god forskane hole town #234 (friend #2 that lives and work there confirmed that just about everyone we would see that night where cousin of some level or another...) and to a dooly's bar. For those not in the know that a pool bar. So we go there to drink, talk and generally oogle cute girl. Well at 10h30 pm the cute girls where few and far between let me tell you. Friends #2 as a residant of the place knew just about everybody from the waitress to the DJ and bouncer got us relatively good seats in the bar and we started "drinking" (I won't call drinking bud drinking). A friends of the DJ meet us with us to talk and we philosophised on the reality of life and relasionship. Suddently friend as to go to the bathroom (yes this is important for the story) about 20 second after he enter the bathroom the countdown to 2006 begins.. so the guy is there in the peeing while it goes 6, 5, 4... After the traditional HAPPY NEW YEAR he comes out all pissed up, saying something like Damn that a shitty way to break the new year.

Well anyway all that preambule to say that this year started relatively well for me, a lot of pretty girl where at the bar finally (there where at least one drop dead gorgeous, who for our viewing pleasure spend a lot of time dancing...) and for the first time in my life I got asked for my phone number by a girl I didn't know before. Don't get your hopes up there ain't any chance for a relasionship there, she a smoker (biggest turn off I have), 37 (kinda old for me) and has 6 children (not that it is bad but I wan children of my own) but she a really nice girl that I would love to have as a friend (wish is why I gave her my number anyway and I tried to make that clear).

So that was a little boost to my self confidance as well as a pretty good party with some friends, all in all a much better new year eve that I had expected. Latter this week my new year resolution! At least the new year resolution that I fully expect to have forgotten in the next 3 weeks.

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yofed said...

Wow! What a way to start the year!