Monday, January 23, 2006

Life little annoyance caught up with me

Well well well let me post about something that really annoys the hell out of me. Some of my reader are gulty of having done it to me at least once or twice but some people (one in particular that I will not name) seems to do it to me quite often. In fact as I think of it everytime I am pissed about this particular thing it comes from this person... probably because I figure as an engineer he should know better. E-mails about computer virus, there are only few thing that annoy me more then receiving a mail telling me about a new "virus". All those mail are writen on the same format:

A comment by the forwarding person about normally not forwarding this kind of thing (I'd like to point out that I only received this from people that "normally" don't foward those thing...) then a message from a friend or familly of the fowarding person who apparently knows a lot more about computer then they do saying that this is a real threat and that you should tell all your acquitances. It tell you not to open/look at/download an e-mail with a simple title like: "A virtual card for you" or "you won a million dollars!". Then a description of how this is a terrible virus that does something to a part of your computer the average user knows nothing about (or that simply do not exist!). The an official like statement saying that some computer security firm (usually Symentec) says that it is a big threat. Follows a warning that Mcafee (and/or Norton) as not yet find a vacinne againts this virus and that Microsoft consider it the greatest threat to computer since the jack hammer.

None let me tell you something, 99,9999999999% of all those mail (and I don't say 100% simply because their might be a one eventually someday, maybe, if we are really lucky, that will not fit what I am about to say) are hoax! Yes hoax as in as likely to happen as the penis enlargement ad you receive is to work. Before forwarding any such mail PLEASE I BEG OF YOU do two things: first remove my name from the list of people you are forwarding it to and second look on the web at sites like: hoaxbuster and see if your virus isn't already listed as an hoax.

I received a mail yesterday about some deadly virus that apparently delete the 0 sector of my hard drive, which according to the mail means my data is lost forever. This virus is very deadly neither Mcafee nor Microsoft have vaccine for it and it is contracted simply by openning a mail with the title "A virtual card for you". Now with a little 2 minute search on the net revealed a few things: it an hoax, it's been around since 2000 and the text of the refering mail hasn't changed since also Mcafee as a very good solutioni again this virus: do nothing it doesn't exist! And as you could guess from the above post it really annoyed me, please people stop being sheep and blinding forwarding anything people send you and do a little research on it. Most (if not all the time) you will find that it is only a waste of time.

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