Thursday, January 05, 2006

I've been a naughty voter this year

Like the tittle say I've been a naughty voter this year around. I haven't been keeping any tab on the current federal campaign in Canada, probably because the first few days where boring as hell but hey I have to be informed I should be trying to find out what I can about those issue the candidate are and aren't raising.

I resolve then to be a better voter until the vote and keep myself informed! I hope it will work and the general boredoom of this election won't get to me again.

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anyflower said...

Well... I saw something intersting in the candidates for the Hull-Aylmer county. At the question: How would your government ensure that public funds are used properly (... it was formulated in a much more complex way though), only 2 candidates really answered THAT question: conservatives and... green party! Bloc candidate was sick though, we can't tell if he really understood the question. As for Liberals and NPD, their answer didn't match the question. Who could've seen that coming a few years ago!?!