Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Debate? what debate?

Canadian politicien should revise their dictonary. They seem to mistake debate for monologues. Yes last night it was the third of four organised monologues on preselected themes for the 3 main party chief and the useless single province clown representant. The monologues where aranged as follow, each one of the participant where asked the same question that they would answer in turn, then if some "interesting"(you know like no one really cares) and "spontaneous" (you know like planned) question came up on of the participant monologues the host would ask the "conserned" (you know like a random participant) party to answer a "related" (in the same way you are related to a proton at the end of the univers) question. The participant will then continu on a "impromptu" (you know like something you've been preparing for the past 5 years) answer. At least the question where less fake the the previous ones, where "people" (read a preselected samble of "representative" of the population i.e woman, gai, young, old, amerindian, and immigrant) in the audiance asked literal question they did not even look to understand.

They claim they want to convince people to go and vote but with debate like that they only succed in boring people away from politics. Give us a good old not gun barred debat where every subject is up for grab and every question can be brought on the table by any participant or member of the audiance (audiance that is composed of: who ever shows up for the LIVE debate). And for god sake don't prepare de debat in advance any question can be ask from the price of a meal to hard and cold question about the futur government spending. Remove the political correctness from the debate, it's not that we want personal attack but we want the candidate to be able to ask the question not pet each other into answering whatever the other party wants. Oh and one last thing: their should only be ONE debat wich should take part in both official languages and with no set time limit except that a politician not saying anything should be stoped by the moderator.

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yofed said...

I haven't seen it, but I was told from several anglos that the only party that seemed worth to vote for was the bloc quebecois. Scary, isn't it?