Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Cooking is hard work

Well yofed was right, cooking is hard work. I'm making a spaghetti sauce at the moment and all the cuting and mixing is getting to be a little work out. Well not something really hard but at least something that can be considered an exercise ;-)

Cooking to get in shape, that could be a new fad, make lots and lots of foot and get in shape! well as long as you do not eat all that food it might work ;-p I wonder if a cooking work out would look completly crazy or just weird.

Oh well that my thoughts for the day.


yofed said...

there is no comparison between making the sauce and the actual pasta, silly guy!

anyflower said...

Well... at least being a good cook could make you more attractive for chicks :o)

asaathi said...

MORE ATTRACTIVE TO CHICK? my god that would be scary I would have to beat them off with a low tech persuader (what you non geek call a stick)