Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Another minority

Yesterday the conservatives (Torries) where choosen by the people of canada has their next governement. They did not succed in getting the majority of the seats in parlement meaning that we now have a second minority government in a row. Unlike the majority of my friend I wanted the torries to win this election and be a majority (most of it not all of my friend thought that this would have been a fate worse then death). My reasons where quite simple we need change, lots of change and the only party that seemed to be willing to look at all aspect of canadian society was the torries, they where also the only party willing to leave everything to an open vote in the chamber of parlement (at least that was their promise, now we will see if it actually happens). Both point are very important for me as I fell their are many "sacred" aspect of canadian society that need to be reevaluated and that deputy should only be representing their electors NOT a party line or any other external factor to the electors.

Now, the problem I can see for the moment is the distribution of the minority, according to the SRC we have

Torries 124
Liberal 103
Bloc 51
NPD 29
André Arthur 1

Which mean that the only way the torries can have a majority of votes is an alliance with the Bloc any other alliance (such as the NPD+André Arthur) leaves them with a ties again the "opposion". Now I don't want the Bloc and Torries to work together as I think that in the long term that will be bad for Canada. The bloc needs to be "driven" out of federal politic and the best way to do that (in my opinion) is to show that they are basically useless, i.e. that their voice do not influence decision. As you can see in this set up we have the needed to achieve majority problem.

Oh well it's too early to say how things are going to go but still I hope things will change for the better and that we will not be having another election in 6 month. And frankly I can't wait to see how André Arthur will fare in parlement. One last thing there is something I really hated about the SRC coverage of the election last night: they kept mentioning the stance of the deputy on gay wedding after they where defeated or elected. I can't help but wonder why and what was so important about this stance to mention it so often, it not like they all made their campaign on this...


Piccolo said...

I think its the best thing that the "Torries" are a minority... I don't want Canada to become the 53th american state. And Harper is crazy. He wants to stop the gun control program (I know, it costs a lot, but still, it's important), he want the religion to be important again and Gay weddings are a good point. Why gay people can't have their legal weddings? They are human too! There's no perfect government, but there's bad government...

yofed said...

Only time will tell... anyway, I find hilarious that the one and only independant who was elected is Andre Arthur... I can't believe he pulled that off!!!

anyflower said...

Why did everyone ignore my opinion??? We should have had the Great Chtulu as PM.

asaathi said...

Well Great Chtulu did not proprely fill is deputy registration form, apparently he could not get 1 thousan people to sign their name coherently... I wonder why