Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Statistics are mostly about two things: data about huge number of event or opinion of large number of people. Well Vi would probably disagree but for the purpose of this post this simple definition will suffice. Statistics are also believed by more then 50% of all Canadian to be lies, as in the book title, lies, damn lies and statistics. But you know what, that statistics doesn’t make that opinion true. In fact, what a large number of people thing as very little to do with what is true or not, an example if that most people (I’m betting over 80% but I do not have a reliable statistic) think people in the ancient world though the world to be flat… but if that was really the case how do you explain the status of atlas holding a spherical earth? Or the fact that the Greek calculated the curvature of the earth sometimes before Christ?

The fact his that people will believe a lot of things, and that the question asked will often shape the answers. For example in the 50s the republican and the democrat each performed a survey to see if their view on war where the most popular… guess what both candidate found that his view was the most popular by far. It was simply a question of how the questions where ask, one asked: are you against the war, while the other asked do you want America to appear weak.

My point is always be wary of any person that will go: x percent of people believe that… to prove a point. They are using a peer pressure argument to win you over to their view and might be trying to hide facts that would be detrimental to their wealth. A good example of this is the evolution-ID debate, 60% of American believes that evolution is false but that doesn’t mean it is, or that ID is true.

The high school sweetheart myth

The high school sweetheart, you know the girl you are supposed to meet if you are a guy and make you life with. Usually the legend goes that you as captain of the football team will fall in love with the head cheerleader (which is incidentally according to legend not only the leader of the cheerleader but the best head giver of them all… but that might just be a rumor.) Apparently, it can also work for any couple that meets in high school and later gets married (very important the marriage part) preferably without having dated or being sexually active before their declaration of love.

Anyway, this would be the “perfect” American dream kind of way of finding love. I call bullshit! I think this myth is part of the high school is the best year of your life deal that apparently fills our society (if it was the best part of your life will congratulation… and enjoy the 60 or so other years you will have to live), you know how that by being successful in high school you will be successful in life (I’d advice not to check this, from my experience you would be very disappointed.)

Now why would I asaathi be ranting about that on the 26th of December, well because I watch the latest American pie this morning (the Fifth one if you are counting, a direct to DVD release call the Naked Mile) and the high school sweetheart thing is basically the point of this whole movie. The story is has follow, a Stiffler is a virgin because it’s girlfriend doesn’t want to have sex, since she doesn’t want him to break up with her over lack of sex, she decide to give him a guilt free pass for a weekend he will be spending with his cousin in a college dormitory. Of course 20 second after he depart she decide to revoke the pass but can’t reach him. The Stiffler at the college is surrounded by big breasted slutty college girl and in about 20 seconds find one that not only would sleep with a high school kid but as a virgin fetish (I kid you not.. oh don’t read the next part if you don’t want any spoilers… if spoilers can be produce for a romantic comedy.) As we watch the girlfriend’s friends try to convince her to sleep with someone to “be on the same dating step” we have Stiffler realize he loves the girlfriend and runs to her. After a slight problem he meets with her and all her misgiving about sex magically disappear and they have magical first time sex. The predictable end.

I usually like romantic comedies but for some reason probably the whole virgin high school sweetheart perfect love kind of deal I found this movie pathetic... well the fact that the actress playing the sweetheart probably weight less then her dress didn’t help. Anorexia isn’t sexier then the half-ton look (and before you say anything, I’ve always said I found woman that are too thin as unattractive as fat woman.) Not to mention that there is no chemistry between her and the Stiffler guy. So I give the high school sweetheart myth a big old thumb down.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Well look who is the men of the year

Well Time as put up who his it's men of the year, in the US version of the publication it is quite simple, it's you.. well only you if you play with youtube, blog, have a myspace account and stuff like that, basically if you are a part of the "new" web. Personally I say blah! Seriously, between you and me, you really don't deserve the title of men of the year, what have you done that is so great? You participate in social web site? Wow, really impressive, so do I and I'm not the men of the year it's you... (yeah I'm just kidding for that last part.)

Now, in Canada Time Canada has it's own men of the year, and no it is not you (what you don't have enought of being the USA men of the year?), no it is someone much more loved by the average Quebecer. Yeah the souverainist favorite hero: Stephen Harper! Sarcasm just doesn't translate well to text but still. Anyway the question becomes does he deserve it? Well we cannot argue that he fufill most of his promises up to now and that he as been an astute politician. While I do not agree with all his decision and policy, I must say that he did mark Canadian politic this year, you cannot deny that everyone else in politic has been watching him and trying to follow. Even with a minority governement he made some interesting decisions.

So in the end congradulation to you and Stephen Harper, it might not mean much but they are time magasin men of the year.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Failling a gender test???

Well this article speak for itself. Now I understand the result, this person that won a silver medail in female athletic and either failed to prove she was actually a girl, or manage to prove on the test that she was actually a man.

But I have to wonder if this will not bring about a debate, if she is a transexual male, where should she compete? With male even if she consider herself a woman and as been taking woman hormones for quite a while? With woman even tho she was a man to begin with and
as a different muscle structure then born woman? Or only with other transexual? There is also the possibility that to increase her atlhetic abilities she as been taking so much hormones and performance enhancing drug that her body does not produce the normal hormones. In that case maybe it is time to get her out of the competition, it can't be healthy.

No matter the answer to the question, I wonder how this is going to affect sport and gender roles in society. Are there male athlete that would decide to undergo a sex change opperation to go from average in their discipline to first or second in the woman division (they might be in for a surprise, woman performace are catching up with men)? Will gender test become mandatory in sport? How do we solve this question without infringing on human right?

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Congradulation Yofed

congradulations to Yofed for her newborn daughter, almost a 10 pound baby ;-) I wish her well, as well as her familiy. I hope her big brother will be a great big one!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Product placement

You probably have all noticed/know about the product placement marketing, you know the art of showing in a movie an actor (or more precisely his character) showing a product for a quick zoom with the camera. You probably noticed those movies where they show a can of coke or pepsi for like 30 second for no reason. Well yeah that product placement, Krimpoff could probably say a lot more about it. Anyway, what i want to talk about is the product placement by a particular compagnie, one we don't usually associate with marketing like this: apple.

As a mac owner I tend to notice when I see a mac laptop in a movie or tv show and for the last year or so it seem that just about every character in a movie own a mac laptop. I've seen teenager in movies using powerbook laptop (which makes me jealous since I can't afford them), reporter doing their report on ibook. I've also seen police people using their own eBook to compile information and search for correlation.

I don't mind, except that when a movie is supposed to be set in the real world I expect stuff to fit with the real world I know. That means most people use PC. Oh well I don't mind so much as find it intriguing, and I expect that in a few years/month pc manufacture will plug in their own laptop in movies.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Scared twice in a day.

Well, after the white dolphin extinction , I found another piece of news that "scared" me. Well scared is not the right word, it more like confirmed a worse case scenario I had and will only give munition to groups seeking to promote falacious ideas. You see, a group of scientist in the United State of America as signed a statement protesting about political interference in research (news link). While this news is good, the underlying information is scary as hell, for scientist to make such a statement means that there where political interferences, and according to the article such interference took a 1984 like form. They were apparently pressure to modify scientific data to conform to the current administration policy.

In a way it like saying: well we want climate change not to exist so please publish data that shows that climate change does not exist. But instead of saying please you point a .45 at the scientist head (figuratively of course). What you get of course is a nice happy governement capable of saying see we took the right decision based on "scientific" data. Even worse, it means that future study referencing the data will be wrong and that years (probably not more then a few luckilly) will be "lost" to a political decision.

Also, this give the arguement for science opposant (like the guys for inintelligent design) that science is in fact just a fad, a policy influenced organism (well in a way it is but usually not the data itself), something that is not more rigourous then creationism, spiritism or divination. It also put into doubt the whole scientific method which is the corner stone of research and our knowledge. Not to mention that we do not know how long this as been going and where else in the world as it happened (maybe Canada, some of Stephen Harper's minister have strange ideas regarding evolution and climate change for exemple.)

I've long dreaded with the raise of religious extremist in the world the begining of a new dark age, it seems that we might be at the edge of it. Their might be still time to prevent our fail into darkness (hopefully like the previous one it will still be filled with little lights, and some area of the world will still be beacons of light) but we have to realise the problem first.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Evolution at work or apocalypse in the making?

Reading the news like I do every morning since 9/11 I fell upon a rather troublesome news: China's white dolphin is now extinct. It is always worrisome to hear that the biological diversity of earth has lost another member, particullarly one that has been around for the past 30 millions years (15 times longer then us human if you are counting.)

It is particullary worrisome that we are seeing an ever increasing number of species extinction in our times as it might be a sign that we are at the begining of another mass extinction. The last few of those were not that interesting for large land dwelling species like for example humans. However on the other hand mass extinction have usually being good over all the the evolutions of species and the replacement of the biological diversity.

In a way, bad for us good for the world, however as one of those strange egoist people I'd prefere to have humanity survive...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Come on guys...

I've been reading the Kiss and blog blog for a time now and I find it pretty funny. It's a blog about dating and relationship and I found this post particularly funny in a disturbing kind of way. Really all I have to say about it is: come on guy! Do you really want a girl that will date you because of that? Maybe I'm too big of a romantic but I don't think that’s a good base to build a relation on.

Of course if all you want is a one night, well whatever... but that clearly not for me.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Equality, doesn't mean positive discrimination

I've been reading a anti-feminist blog lately, while I don't agree with some of the things that are said there, I cannot disagree with everything. One of the thing I agree with (and that I'm pretty sure pretty flower will too) is that father are not just sperm donor in the lives of children. The presence of the child father is important in the child life, it provide a different view point and provide a different structure that is helpfull (or needed) for a child develloppement.

Another thing I have to agree with and that is the subject of this post is that positie discrimination is a bad idea. The whole point of feminism was to reconise the equality of woman and man (in spite of their differences) before the law and in society. That means that for the same amoung of work both deserve the same pay, that both face the same penality before the law for the same crime and that both have the same right in society. Making laws that ask people to hire woman over man despite the competenses of both to meet so form of quota, is basically saying that woman are worse then men, that they need a boost to fill the same job. It also makes a difference in the law based on gender, something that would be inacceptable if it was in the favor of men.

Now of course the argument could be made that laws have been biased against woman for centuries (or even millenia) and that the current trend is just the justified return of the pendulum. But that like saying well the British have killed native american in the past so now native american should have the permission no the right to kill British people. It doesn't make any senses, two bad doesn't make a right. Particullary now that we claim to be a civilised society one that can think of the consequences of it action, it should be obvious from history that favoring one part of society over another is a bad idea and only lead to problem.

Nice to know good and evil are coded.

"I've been hearing for a while a direct association made between idea from the "right" and evilideas and by opposition ideas proposed by the "left" and good ideas. Well that something thatbother me, I don't think you can build an argument that way or even say that historically theright" (or even the religious right) as been responsibale for more evil then the left.

It like the old "argument" of saying something is what the Nazi or Hitler as done and saying see that evil... The problem with this reasoning is that something is evil not because someone did it, but because it is evil in itself. For exemple, instoring a program to kill all member of a religion or ethnic group is evil, vegetarism isn't.. yet both where practiced by Hitler. So could we finally stop associating morals to political factions and reserve it for the ideas themself? It might really help us open our mind and build a better world.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Stephane Dion... what the fuck?

Well the liberal party of Canada just elected his new leader, and in a bid to find someone even less charismatic then Stephen Harper they opted for another stephen: Stephane Dion. Now I don't have anything agains the guy, I don't know him personally but seriously he doesn't sound like someone I'd want at the head of my country (or any country for that matter, he is probably better then kim Jon il but lets not under estimate the man before he is in office shall we.)

Anyway, I really don't think that this is the way to beat the Torries, well maybe that the liberal's goal, become so pathetic that they don't get more then two seats (remember Charest and the Torries?) maybe they belive that sympathie will give them more vote in two elections. Or maybe they want the bloc Quebecois to be the news governement, a minority one but still. We never know how the wise Liberal will go.

Oh well if worse comes to past it will give a chance to the NPD to actually lead the country for once.

Monday, November 27, 2006

When normal week go busy...

Well what started as a long but normal not too busy week just transformed into a very busy no time for posting on the blog (yes I'm aware of the irony of this statement) week. In addition from suffering from sever lack of sleep (thanks to the side effect of a antibiotic I'm taking for a sinusitis) I was just reminded that I have to produce a posters for an oversea conference I will not even be attending for next week and I have to prepare a presentation for my doctorat projet also due next week. Oh well it's doable but my social life will probably be inexistant up until next week.

Oh on a completly unrelated note, apparently some girl contacted me after having read this blog (technically you could say that I'm taking time off this busy week to say this on the blog and using the week nature as an excuse but you'd be wrong)... maybe I should say despite reading this blog but she did say she wouldn't have contacted me without reading it. She found it funny, well that made my day so I'm sharing it with you gentle reader (and the no so gentle too no discrimination here). Well here I had some more ranting to do but work is calling and if I want to survive the day without tearing anyone heads off I'd better go.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

A nation so fracking what?

Yesterday in either a brillant or blantantly stupid political move the Honorable Stephen Harper, prime minister of Canada proposed a motion to have the canadian parlement reconise a nation statuts to the pronvince of Quebec. If it manage to throw the souvernist mouvement into disarray and remove one of their argument (that Quebec is nation and that the federal governement doesn't want to reconize it because they are eeeevil) it will prove to be a brillant move.

Otherwise, if it continues as it appear to be going, i.e that the rest of Canada is pissed because they see another gift to Quebec and that the souvernist mouvement is pissed up because the motion proposed by Harper include the words: "inside an united Canada" well it's will probably be a very stupid move. It's like there was this hornet nest in the corner of canadian politic and Harper decided, hey lets poke it a few times to see if they are still hornet in it... well guess what it appear that the hornet are still there and alive.

Now about that title, even if Quebec is reconized as a nation, so what? The native american are reconized as a nation, much good it does them. Like krimpoff (warning french) said on his blog if that the biggest concern in Canada we truly are "The bestest country in the world" to translate Jean Chretien words. I hoped when I heard the news yesterday that it would shut the whole constitution debate, the the souvernist would be too flabbergasted and that the rest of canada wouldn't care about a word who give basically nothing to Quebec. But I was wrong, the rest of Canada fear the possibility this word open up and the souvernist mouvement found some semantic to debate. The joy of politic.

Monday, November 13, 2006

The hair

As some of you know I've been growing my hair longer, as a matter of fact chances are that I haven't cut my hair since that last time I saw you (except V I guess.) Now, I guess it started as lazzyness on my part but now, it more like confusion. You see roughtly half the woman I know find that my hair makes me looks great (ok maybe not great but good.. ok not good but ok... oh well not bad alright) while the other half simply can't stand it.

I don't usually mind what other people think of how I look but as a single guy I'm guessing that heeding woman opinion on my hair can't be that bad a thing right? Now either I should find some criteria to select which woman I should listen to, or woman should hold a vote and decide if the longer hair looks better or worse then the shorter one.

Anyway for the moment my decision is to wait a little and then cut them a little because they are getting annoying. Well not really annoying but distracting and that annoying.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Well a nice reason to finish my phd faster

[Warning: I am only stating opinions.]

Today I've found out that the syndicalisation of the student will go through. Apparently 74% of all people that could vote throught the postal vote voted yes. As such the syndicate will be formed. I've got a few problem with this, first I did not receive a voting ballot, even if I should have according to the criterium they where supposedly using if I was the only one I could thing it was a mistake but at least an other Astrophysic student find himself in the same situation. Second if they could only get 35% of the people to sign their card when they showed up in person how is it possible that 74% say they approve in a postal vote. My opinion is that something smells fishy.

To make matter worse apparently all vote that where not sent in where considered to be vote for the no camp. I'm wondering how it is possible that far more then 70% of the people are for the syndicalisation (oh it is possible, it's just that previous attempt showed a very diffrent trend) when the 26% against include: the people that didn't care enough to send a vote, where for the syndicalisation but forgot to vote, people that refused to vote because not voting ment no.

One possible theory is that those that did not sent a vote where simply not counted.. (quite easier to get 75% for then since most people for will send in votes), that the "voting" process is screwed and biased (afterall I've got at least 2 peoples that should have been able to vote that couldn't) or that they simply are posting the result they wanted. I wouldn't have wondered much about a close vote, but 74% is just too much for me to accept it without asking question.

Oh well I'd challenge those number but I've asked if anyone would back me up.. no one seems interested and since I do not want risk my life and health for a few month of stupidity I'll just use this as motivation to finish faster.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Crime and punishment

Following piccolo's post about Saddam's trial I've been thinking about Quebec and the world's judicial system. Today will reading the news I've found this: 38,000-year jail term sought. I'm wondering what is the point of a jail term that is more 478 time larger then the life expectancy in Spain. I'm for longer sentences for crime, but seriously their are limits, you could go for say twice the life expectancy of the population (to account for increase in life expectancy and just random luck of people living longer then other) but farther then that is just plain silly.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Is Halloween dead?

Most people know that yesterday was Halloween, seriously if I hadn't known I wouldn't have realised it. I honestly only saw one kid disguised (in a tiger) and only 2 houses decorated. I remember when I was younger (or maybe it was simply leaving in a smaller town) houses where decorated, most of the kids where disguised and the street where full of trick or treater. Maybe it's because all my plan for halloween (well almost I still got Final Fantasy XII) fell appart (no horror movie "festival", no flags of our father either) but I was felling nostalgic. Oh well must be my old age acting up again.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Nothing really

Well You might have noticed that lack of update on my blog, the reason is quite simple: I really had nothing to say (yeah I know a shocker for many.) So a little update on my life, I am apparently getting better at playing pool, well to be honest I am getting less bad ;-) I've been talking to two girls I meet on the internet (no not together separately perverts!), they both seem nice but I've given up on expecting things from online dating, much safer and less likely to lead to terrible wake-up. On other new, I got firefox 2.0 witch a french spell checker, ironically I cannot easily change the language being spell checked which doesn't help the quality of this blog at all but at least if I ever write something in french online it might make it readable.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Poor supergirl

I was feeling yesterday so I got weird a thought: poor Supergirl. You see Supergirl as the same power as Superman, which mean she is super strong, super fast she can shoot laser from her eyes and only kryptonite can Peirce her skin. Now the last one is a good power to have you'd say... but think about it poor Supergirl will be a virgin eternally! No human can pierce her hymen and superman is her brother, poor little girl. I hope she is lesbian, or as a very understanding boyfriend that do not want children.

Hey I warned you it was a weird though... probably even a geeky weird though.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Speed dating and single meeting

Last night one of my friend wanted to drag a couple of my friend and I to a single meeting arranged by a dating website. It had officially nothing to do with my birthday (thank all that wished me happy birthday) but it still happened on the night I officially changed age. While we where getting to the meeting we where having a slight misgiving about the whole thing. You know we where imagining how the meeting would go and it was something like that: They'll be 95% of men all of which are older then 50, the few woman would be old, fat, short and ugly. Or they'll be a nice number of woman but all over 40 or 50. Or they wouldn't be any woman present at all... you know the kind of thing we didn't expects much. And boy where we wrong, the average age was around 25-28, most of the woman were beautiful and the party wasn't boring at all. While there I talked to a few woman (didn't get any number tho, but at least unlike my friends I talked to some) and tried speed dating.

Speed dating (said in Stargate Atlantis, Rodney leadership), well it is something I've got to tell you. Not something I expect to work very often, of it is a intriguing experience. Basically you have 5 minute to spend (talking) with a girl at the end of which you write down if you think it would be worth pursuing further or not. You then shift seat to talk to another girl for 5 minutes. If both you an a girl said yes it could be a match you get to know it and theoretically you can talk to her another time. I did not get any match last night, not to surprising, since none of the girl really caught my fancy but all and all it was fun.

Well all and all that was a fun night and it once again convinced me that woman are approachable, maybe not datable but at least I can talk to them without much problem. Now only need to find that super woman my friend Krimpoff mention in his post about my birthday.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Battlestar Galactica

Wow... the first 2 hour episode of season three aired last night and frankly wow. It's hard it's dark but it awesome. Finally some more TV I can watch.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Annoying argument

I was listening to the discovery channel (on my new TV!!! yé! I can see pictures now) and I fell upon one of the worse argument you can give about something. A lot of people bbelievethat... or it's brother most people bbelievethat. It's not a argument that is logically valid, hell even if everyone bbelievedsomething it doesn't mean it is the truth. A great proof of that is simple, until Einstein everyone bbelievedin Newtonian gravity, however we now know it to be false (or more exactly ccompletely false, but giving the right answer in some situation). So when one UFO investigator tells me: well a lot of people don't bbelievethat we are the most technoligical people in the solar neighborhood. I answer: so? Even if we aren't the technological people in the area that really doesn't mean aliens come to visit us or even more unlikely that one would crash in New Mexico.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What an annoying week

I don't watch much tv but their is a few show I follow: House, Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica, Dr Who and since it began Jericho. However this week (well up to next friday) is pretty dry, of all those series the only one showing a new episode is Jericho, House won't start again before the end of October and Atlantis won't start until march, I have no idea when the next season of Dr Who will be. And to add to the annoyance I feel like watching some TV this week... oh well at least Battlestar Galactica restart in a few days it should be enought to fix any lack of Tv I had.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Well nice to know we watch the world...

I was looking at the new sites this morning and I found something I find interesting (and by interesting I mean: how messed up can radio-Canada be?) one of the first news in every major international news site is this: North Korea is planning a nuclear bomb test (which would be major bad news for world peace)... yet I can find at this time no mention of this on the SRC or CBC news site... shouldn't it be at least mentioned? I think it kinda important, and wouldn't be a bad way to inform people of what happening in the world. Anyway it annoys me.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

On one hand...

I was surfing the BBC news website when I found this little tidbit of a news (pun intended). A scientific wants to make a new way to power our laptop using tiny (very tiny) gas engine. On one hand that would make for an interesting efficient power source for laptop but on the other hand, well gas engine have a few interesting side product. You know all those greenhouse gas, not to mention the CO produced that would be toxic to human (tho I doubt that a single laptop would produce enough to be a problem). The problem like for the car is one of scale, a few laptop is no problem for the earth, a few millions is getting annoying, lets not forget also that laptop tend to be used in closed space. That might makes having a few laptop working at a time to be an health hazard. An interesting area of research but I'm not sure it is such a great idea.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Well it seems somebody failed high school physics

I was reading my D20 future book when I came upon a gem of bad physic. After the wood that will not ever catch fire naturally of Dungeon and Dragon I present you the unstoppable space flying object. You see according to the rules of D20 future when in space you get a huge bonus to pick up or push things in space... providing you are not trying to stop them from moving. In short in that universe you can pick up half a ton in space but don't ever try to put it down. The explication for this is rather clever: an object loose it weight but not it's mass in space... so it kept it inertial when moving but you can get it moving really easily...

WRONG! inertia also applies to object at rest. For example if you would try to start a one ton block from moving in space you would push on it... and probably end up flying int he opposite direction. The force applied to an object is always it's mass time it acceleration (notice mass not weight) so if you push for 100N on a 1 ton blog well it probably wouldn't accelerate away from you (at least not significantly). I know you have to make abstraction to make a roleplaying game but come on at least make some that keep the universe working correctly!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Damn I hate being sick.

Well I think I've caught the flu (in the English senses of the word people please!) , I've been tired for the past few days and coughing lightly. However today it got worse and I've been feeling sick, well at least not like a dog. Wouldn't be that bad if I hadn't lot of cleaning up to do and if I didn't hate to feel tired. Oh well this too will pass as they say.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

New figuring I'd like to drop on my player

And that almost literaly. Wizard of the Coast (or priest of the Cost for those having to buy their books) have recently released two new miniatures for their minature game/RPG (dungeon and Dragon for those not in the know). The Gargantuan Black Dragon and the Colossal Red Dragon, the first one is big, but the second is just IMPRESSIVE! I can just imagine pulling that one out from behind the screen and hearing the player call out in desperation: "We RUN! no teleport out of here!" It would just be funny. The only problem is that I'm not yet geeky enough to buy it (or more importantly I still prefer to have a girlfriend over a figurine ;-) and rich enough it pretty expensive.

Democratie, tolerance and limits

Last night after my World War II GURPS game (sneaking a polish submarine past both British and German sub in 1940 is easy... when you are lucky), we had a little discussion about world politics. One of the conclusion we reached was that democratie might be dying because of one of it's strong point: tolerance of difference. Or more exactly the pushing back of the limits of tolerance, sure some limits of tolerance needs to be pushed back (because of society evolution and new understanding) some probably shouldn't.

One of the group we thought about abusing this limit pushing was religious extremist. Under the suggestion that we should respect their belief, they try to impose their belief upon us. They want to have the law of their religion replace or if it can't replace society's law they want their law to be superior to society's. Under the guise of religious tolerance we slowly must accept more and more law/politics that are against what we believe about. It's not something quick we slowly add a few right, a few permission that other do not have. Then the permission becomes an obligation for the other and pretty soon after what was once something we tolerated for a minority becomes something the majority has to has.

The problem, one of my friend exposed, is that you cannot discuss/negotiate with religious extremist, they are right. No argument from you or anyone else will convince them otherwise, at best they will say you are wrong and leave you be. At worse, well Jihad, crusade, inquisition, war or slavery. It's rare but I'm gonna take a page from France on what we might want to do: our society should be completely irreligious. Everything that is public, i.e provided by the society, should not accept any religions symbols or propaganda. No veil, no cross, no knife, no angel, no star of David, at least in public institution, if you want to create a private school where you can (or have to) wear such symbol, good but you have to prove that you do teach everything a school should teach and that you are not discriminating against people.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Blogger comments

It appears that some of you are unable to leave comments on my blog. Since I cannot replicate the problem it has to be caused by something different between my set-up and yours. My currently theory is that non beta account cannot leave comments. i've notified blogger about that and we will see if they can offer a fix. In the mean time you can send your comments directly to my mailbox (most of you probably already know one or more of my e-mail address) otherwise you can send them to asaathi_at_highttemperaturemail_com replace what must obviously be replace with what it should.

EDIT: blogger as answered me and I was right you cannot leave comments on this blog with your old blogger account. once you have change to blogger beta everything will be all right.

To quote two chiness proverbs:
To prophesy is extremely difficult - especially with regard to the future.
When one got nothing to say one usually quote a chiness proverb.

Well that life for today, I'd rant about the comment my student gave me in class but since it what they usually say in the beging of the semester I'll leave you to imagine it. And no it's not: "Wow what a hot guy, are you single?" or "Hey come here often cause I want to have your baby." Surprisingly, you got to agree.

Finally yes, my logic and brain power seems to be tied to the number of working computer I own.

Monday, September 18, 2006

My PC is dead and I've done my good deed for the day

Well it is official, my PC is dead. The diagnosis is simple: damage to the first memory slot. This cause it to be unable to read the first 64k of memory which prevent the computer from booting up. It also means that the cure for the problem is basically a new motherboard. Which since my motherboard is more then 6 years old: a new CPU and probably new memory. I don't have the money for that right now but now that I know I need a new one I can star to save and hopefully get one next year.

Now for my good deed, yep I'm bragging, but not really since I'm not sure I wasn't tricked. Well here is the story, a guy approch me on the street asking if he can ask me something. Of course I said yeah, the guy serve me a sad story about how he doesn't have money and he hasn't eaten in days. I offer him some change, but he said well couldn't you buy me something to drink or to eat. Since we were close to a grocery store I said sure. And by good deed was me buying him foods for at least a meal. I really hope the guy really needed the food but still even if he didn't at least I was nice...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Another PC update

Well it appears my PC is dead. I tried a few things to isolate the problem and now it won't boot at all. It's giving me a three beep bios error code (meaning error in the first 64k of memory) however memory was relatively fine 1 hours ago... I'd guess that it is a sign that my motherboard has finally died... I'd try again probably during the week to fix the problem but I'm pretty much at the no hope level now. At least I still have my laptop, but it not that great for playing computers games.. being a laptop and all.

Damn PC update

Either all my memory is bad, my motherboard is fried or I have another problem that I cannot identify. Since most of my memory is brand new i think we can eliminate that possibility... in the next week I'm gonna concentrate on finding the damn problem. it will involved such nice things as updating my bios (if needed), and updating just about any driver I have on that thing. unfortunatly my pc can't stay online long enough for a download so I'll be doing a two step process with my laptop. joy. If any of you have any ideas please feel free to send them to me.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Congradulations are in order

Well even if they don't read the blog I'd like to congradulate Picollo's brother and her sister-in-law for the birth of their big little boy. I wish health and success in his life to come. I know he already has good parents ;-)

Friday, September 15, 2006

damn unreliable PC

Once again I have trouble with my PC again, and once again I can't seem to find someone that had the same problem or some post about an answer close to my problem. It appears to be either a memory problem, a virus problem or an unidentified hardware problem. The first and last are really annoying I'm guessing I'll have to buy another computer in the next year or so. That really annoying but I guess I won't have any choice.. it was due to be replace soon but still I'd had prefered to be the one to decide to change it not the hardware. Oh well I guess that when I have a new computer I'd be able to start my projet of making a computer into a proxy server for my home network, always see the good side no?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Shooting in Montreal

Yesterday you probably hear a sick individual apparently decided to shoot at people in one of Montreal college. Like most people I cannot understand what would drive someone to such an action and I can only offer my sympathies and prayers to the parents and friends of the victims.

Now I hope that the action of this individual will not be used to star a new crusade again something. We know now that he liked Metal music and that he was a goth, like millions of other people that do not kill other. He liked guns, so do a few millions peoples that never went into a college to kill anyone. He saw violence on TV... well you get the ideas. Millions of people live life close or almost identical to his, it is not society fault that he acted the way he acted, he was 25 years old, his action are his responsibility.

We should not seek to put the blame on something beside himself. We should only hope he doesn't inspire anyone with this action.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


This should please some of my reader, apparently someone in the fashion industry finally understood that thinner doesn't mean more beautifull. It seems that the Madrid fashion is using BMI (body mass index) to screen model those falling into the too skinny line being forbidden from walking the runway. This is a great news (at least in my opinion) for it shows that the weight concern is moving toward health away from thinness. Some would argue that we still won't see "average" woman as fashion models but at least it is a step in the right direction and we might finally be able to look at fashion model without trying to count their ribs.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Friday, September 08, 2006

Pope Palpatine talks about Canada

Our "beloved" new pope Palpatine as decided today to talk about Canada and it's law. As you can see here in this french news bulletin he doesn't agree with Canadian law on abortion and gay wedding. Saying that they are a separation of church and state basically, well DA! Canada is a secular country and even if religion and "god" have good values that can inspire law they are not the basic of our law and they have no authority on our laws either. I might not agree with the gay wedding law (because of it's wording not because of it's nature) but I'm canadian, I take exception at foreign people using their "authority" to try and change our public laws or laws.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Quite a few rant.

My first rant today is about my work, the damn software don't seem to work like I want it too and I don't understand why.. well actually that would be a rant against my own stupidity since I can figure out how to make things work the way I want them.... why is very very very ironic since while writing the previous sentence I suddenly understood what was wrong and how to solve it.

My second rant will be about how I don't have time to write about half of what I want to write on my blog. damn I had just about something to write everyday since Friday and yet nothing has ever reached the blog... it annoys me. I had "stories" I wanted to tell but that now seems insignificant.

My third rant: The application of the word terrorism to any legitimate, uniform wearing, tank deploying, plane possessing military force in the world. In my opinion if you can know at a glance that the person is a soldier or that you are facing military personnel you are not facing terrorist. One cannot say for example that Canadian solider in Afghanistan are terrorist, everyone there knows that they are solider waging a war. A terrorist on the other hand is the unknown element, you never know if you next door neighbors might be one (see Arlington Road) also their tactic are clearly different, most of the time the military goal is to destroy tactical and strategical target (industrial complex, military base, airports, troops) while terrorist usually target civilian (market, bus, places of business, church). I think it's easy to make a distinction and that using terrorist to referee to "legitimate" military is a desperate argument of someone opposed to the war. They can't find any more logical reason so they fall down to name calling. Little note, I'm not saying that being again a war is wrong, just that they have to find better argument than our soldier are terrorist, particularly when those same soldier are getting killed for a mission they voted for. (yes I'm looking at you NPD)

Here for a forth rant: the public transportation in Quebec, damn it stop making larger garages for you buses and get more buses for the users! I want to be able to sit "comfortably" in a bus no matter the time of the day, yes that means that on peak hours their should be a LOT more buses out. If you don't have money for more drivers you certainly have no money for a new garage.

Can I go for five rant? of course I can! You know what bugs me right now? the lack of good games on my computer, I want a good SF game not related to a first person shooter or a strategy game I need a space RPG on my computer. Or better yet a new X-wing like space fight simulator, that would really be fun.

And for a sixth rant, I lost a player in my Monday game, he decided he doesn't want to play with that gang of people anymore... but since he is the only one beside me that wants to be the game master and I don't want to be a game master all the time I want to play sometimes. Maybe I need a new group... or new friends.. preferably single girl.

Friday, September 01, 2006

A camera does not add ten pounds at least not in the pictures

Well after picollo's comment on my last post I must really talk about this myth that camera add ten pounds to people. While it is true that a ten pound camera will indeed add 10 pounds to the person wearing it it as nothing to do with it's pictures capability and fattening potential.

Also it is true that in some situation because of the smaller field of view and screwed up perceptive you might think you appear larger. But it is appearance only, if measurement were taken from the picture with things you could correctly measure it would be clear that you are not in fact any thinner or bigger then in reality. A camera is only a set of lens and a detector that records how photon impact it. If the lens does not make everything look bigger (or everything in a area of the lens) it will not make you look bigger. In short if the chair next to you in the picture appears correctly proportioned then well you are too no matter how fat you look.

Probably the only reason this myth endure is that people like to thing of themselves as thinner then they are actually (I include myself in this you know) and that being struck with an image of how they really are is something they do not want to agree with. And I guess that most people prefer to say the camera adds ten pound then to tell someone, yeah you really look like you've put on some weight (must be a survival mechanism).

Talk about screwed up.

Well I was just forwarded a link, please go visit it before reading the rest of the post I will wait.

Back? good... now the first thing that comes to mind is WHAT THE FRACK!!! What kind of screwed up society would invent such a thing (ok that not exactly true, it has been invented way before since it is only a pixel manipulation thing) and make it widespread. I have a thing again obesity but I have an even bigger thing against stupidity. Just because your making yourself look thinner on picture doesn't mean you actual are! Beside how can someone who took his own picture and slimmed himself (or herself) actually believe he is thinner??

Also as someone who use dating site, I fear this technology will only bring more deceit and lies into the online dating process. Just imagine the lies that will be posted and supported thanks to this. It will be a source of one more false expectation created by the process of online dating (not the first and that probably the main problem of online dating) but come on.

I think that you cannot love someone before you accept (or even love) yourself and those self delusion tools are only promoting vanity and decadence. As well as promoting the opinion that thinness is more beautiful for everyone. Yeah I know it kinda of hypocritical of me to say that since I prefer thin woman but I don't expect everyone to have the same taste I do.. in fact I hope it's not the case.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Why can't it be october already!

Oh why isn't it october already! I want my Battlestar Galactica fix! With last season cliffhanger it just not fair that it didn't restart with both Stargate seasons. Even more so since Atlantis is not that good (except for one or two episode this far). Now I need Battlestar! or a new great SF serie i could watch while waiting for Battlestar...

hmm now that could be a geek song: Waiting for Battlestar. A country geeky song now that would be a first.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What the heck!

Well this isn't something really stupid or shocking so it doesn't deserve a what the hell. But after looking at part of the musiqueplus (french low quality MTV) website (no you cannot ask why I was doing that) I found that musiqueplus made an online dating site. Now ok I can understand the gimmick for Ztele (a french sci-fi chanel) making a "geek/nerds" oriented dating site and even found the idea funny. But now if this channel dating site gets more widespread it probably will get sick, a CNN dating site? how about a history channel dating site for those living in the past? Why oh why are television executive so short on interesting new innovative ideas that they have to repeat everything remotely interesting that is done by another channel (well, technically I guess since the owner for both is probably the same in Quebec it not another channel but you get my point).

As I said I understand the whole geek/nerds angle for a sci-fi network, but musiqueplus the network that wonders if it should still air music?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Returning to seeking a girl

Well I should return to seeking a girlfriend (or maybe just a date) but that would mean returning to dating website or changing a lot of my habits... For example I would have to go out more but then again going out again alone wouldn't be too good for getting a girl. What I need is a wing man or knowing a girl that know lots of cute, intelligent single girl.. hmm lets see if I can see anyone fitting either of those criteria.. nope no, I've got to more friend or more girl to be friend with. Either that or register again to dating web site... I really don't feel like doing that since I've been quite unsuccessfully there in the recent pass. Well that not exactly honest I have meet great girl from those web site, I dated one for more then 3 years after all, but I don't know if I could find someone.. or more exactly I don't know if I can write a nice profile to get any girl. Oh well when I'm less drunk I'll look at my option again.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Starship Trooper, the book

I just bought and read the Starship Trooper book (not a book based on the movie but the book from which the movie allegedly came from) by Robert A. Heinlein. It is a really great book, much better of course then the movies. but not just in the usual book better then movie way. As you might remember the movie it was about a facist society that used outrageous propaganda to keep it population in a war. It censors cruelty to animals while showing attrocity done to the human race. It send thousands of soldier to their death for pointless reason and it's controled by former gun crazy military that are obviously inspired by the Nazi.

The book however shows a much more intriguing society where citezen ship must be earned by services to the states, be it military or otherwise depending on individual capability. It follows the trial and raise through the rank of one soldier as he understand the reason behind the society and how it rose from the failure of our own. I really found the commentary on "failure" of our society to be interesting. It basically say that the problem with our full democratic system is that everyone can vote without having to understand what votes means or to understand the sacrifice necessary for a socity society to work.

It also makes many comentary about how violence are part of human nature and that denying it is denying a part of ourself... well I'm not sure I agree with that but the comments about punishement and crime is interesting. Anyway all in all it is a great book and should be read if only to discuss the ideas.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Look a new link!->

Ahah Made you look! Well apparently another of my friend who happens to be Piccolo's husband as started a new blog. So please visit him and poke at his post until he post some more. Apparently he consider himself an idiot or is planning to get an idot to write his blog for him since it it entitle A Tale Told by an Idiot. I'm not someone that likes to argue with people but I have to say I don't belive him to be an idiot, a little slow at playing games (45 minutes for a first turn at Magic:the Gathering, that certainly deserving of mention) but certainly not an idiot.
Beside like our estimeed former prime minister Jean Chrétien would say: "He's not an idiot he is my friend!" (well ok the correct quote would be: He's not a morron he is my friend")

Thursday, August 24, 2006

A litter solar system?

After much deliberation the International Astronomical Union decided to lower the weight of the solar system by dropping Pluto from the planet rooster. This moves came after much deliberation about the future of alien tourism into our part of the Milky Way. They found with much mathematical (apparently done with as much skills as mine) that the significant increase of weight amongst the inhabitant of Earth would lead in 20 years to the total weight of the solar system increasing by as much as 30%. To keep our system a lean and fit one they had no other choice then to perform a planetomie and removes at least 1 planet from the list of those contabilized for our weight.

It is with much sadness that they let go of USA planetary child found in 1930 but it was a decision that had to be made before our system got so insanely fat that it couldn't even move through the milky way. Leading astrologer where heard commenting: "We knew all along you shouldn't include pluti in astrological computation but being people we made the mistake of listened to liberal no brain scientist and it does explain why one 1/4 of our prediction actually came through since 1932. We are now convinced that astrology will regain it's status as a reliable science since we will only be using facts and true planets"

Already our publicist in the rest of the galaxy are starting an aggressive add campaign featuring our leaner system with the slogan: The New Earth and Solar system now with 10% less fat!

[On a side less humorous notes, I'd like to point out that the removal of Pluto from planetary status does not change the weight of the solar system (even if Pluto isn't a planet it is still part of the solar system, and even if somehow that removed Pluto from the solar system it,s mass is too insignificant to change anything to it's mass). Likewise with the increased waist line of our fellow humans, even the 6 billions of us together are no where close to astronomical body mass. To be perfectly honest the mass of our solar system can be approximated to the mass of the sun without much loss in precision (even Jupiter, the largest planet in our system, weight only about 1/1000 of sun.)]

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ancient, the prime directive and all those things

Just about everyboy now a day is familiar with the Star Trek Prime Directive, the law that prevent star fleet captain from interfering with the develloppement of non warp capable species not to destroy/pollute them. Apparently the Ancient, the Tollan and the Nox in the Stargate universe have similliar law (even if the Asgard from the same universe apparently do not.. except for weapons) with various reason. Now such a law probably are a good idea and for the Tollan at least come from experience of giving technology to a less advanced race and suffering dramatic repercussion for it. But they suffer from a basic problem in my opinion, how do you define a primitive society?

You go with the Star Trek approch and put a single defining technology as a base for your technological sharing? You go with the Ancient and simply wait for everyone to have evolved pass the need for body? The Tollan way seems more logical, if they posses technology you do not and you posses some they do not you can share as you obviously are on a similar level. Maybe you only share with species having a simillar outlook in life, like the Nox? Each one of those approch have problem i guess, the Star Trek one relies on technology not cultural advance meaning that you could technically give nukes to a cultures that would fire them at each other before realising their potential for destruction. The Ancient non inteference policy would probably work.. if they had not littered the universe with relics and weapon not to mention entire city full of their knowledge. The Tollan well if you watched Stargate you know how their view ends... and finally the Nox well I can't find much fault with the Nox approch except that the odd of you finding another compatibly species is very low.

Their is finally the problem of the simple existance of that old technology, suppose for some reason the primitive being simply learned of the existance of that technology, the knowledge might be enough to drive them toward seeking that technology. Afterall if species X can do it, then it is possible to do it and we would be crazy not to try.

Personaly if I was writing the laws for space exploration I would include an non interference law, but it would be slightly more complex then the prime directive. The law would state absolutly no contact unless the species has had self-destruction capability for at least 10 of it's generations or at least one colony in another star system. For exemple, for humanity this fictional advanced species wouldn't be allowed to contact us until 2245 (edit: 2145 as stormcrow pointed out...), i.e 200 years after the building of the first nuclear weapon. The second part stand because you will sooner or latter meet the species if it is capable of traveling the stars and the out system colony makes instant destruction very difficult. I do not tie the law with nuclear weapon because i can easilly imagine a species building biological weapon with the same potential or a more advanced species could be able to drop asteroids on itself. This criterium in my mind prove that the species is technically advanced and the it as at least advanced enought socially not to destroy itself at the first opportunity.

I think this would be a good space exploration law no?

Monday, August 21, 2006

Obesity is not relative

I was reading news on the SRC web site and I found this news tidbit about Canadian parent and children obesity. 9% of the parents think their children are fat, while in reality 26% are, and their is the very distinc possibility that in those 9% some aren't fat but that their parent have a screwed perception of health and obesity. Personally I think the problem might be more and more kids are overweight making parents who compare their kids with the other think that they are normal or at worse have a little too much fat that will vanish when they get older. This is a very serious problem, just as serious as boulemia or anorexia, children are in danger of very serious degerative uncurable disease.

Oh, and while i belive it's probably not the child fault if they are obese (they should not have 100% control over what they eat) i still belive that it is the parent fault in part, remember carbage in carbage out principle.

The poor peasant in another movie!

Yesterday I've once again taken my peasant role that was immortalised in the world famous movie T for Troll. We have film another documentary in the same vein as the movie this time about Goblyn (to be called G for Goblyn of course). It is now in post production and should be hitting an internet near you soon. When it is available I will be sure to provide a link. You should watch it as soon as it become available and before I become so famous that even reading this blog will put you in the IN crowd. Oh and Hollywood? I'm waiting for that Oscars nomination for best screen performance now...

Friday, August 18, 2006

the new blogger beta

I've been on the blogger beta mode for a few days now and I must say I really like what they have done with the thing. I like the ease of use and the label function. I've found out thanks to that that in the last 100 post 51 were about my life. Interesting isn't it?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The war on terrorism

The recent alleged bombing plot stopped in London made me think quite a bit about the current war on terrorism. I am very impressed with the efficiency of the world security forces who up to now have stopped just in time just about every terrorist plot. Call me sarcastic but this amazing efficiency sound fishy to me. I might be wrong but it does sound more like propaganda then actual terrorism stopped. The way I see it some government's need the threat of terrorism to maintain or receive power over their population. I also look at the result from those arrest and I find that surprisingly few verdict have been reached. It is still too soon to say that things are dragging on but with the amongst of proof and the urgency of the situation described by the media I would have thing that a conclusion could be reached fast.

In a way what worries me is that the threat of terrorism is almost as effective as an actual act of terrorism to scare people. In a way to scare the population into giving you power you don't need to have another 9/11 just say that you stopped another one... I'm not saying that any of the stopped terror plot where false but the possibility they might all be propaganda is scary.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The solar system...

A proposal at the International Astronomical Union meeting in Prague is trying to increase the number of planets in the solar system. I can already see the ad in the other galaxies and solar system to get aliens to move in:

The new and improved solar system: NOW! with 33% more PLANETS!

Admit it, it will attract a lot more visitors from outer space and it will be great for the abduction, crop circle and UFO theory business. Aside from that, well it doesn't change much for you and I.. the average 10 year old will probably be pissed as he will have to learn 3 more planets to pass his class but hey such is life everything get bigger!

Seriously I hope that this proposal include a definition of what a planet his... well in fact I think that would be the first step lets find a definition of planet we can agree on and then look at the solar system and count how many objects fit that definition.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Completly single again...

Well you remember the sweet 18 year old that gave me her number at my friend wedding? Well we've been dating for a while (well technically 2 month but since she's been away for 1 of those two month less say 1 month). And well we are not dating anymore, during her 1 month absence she found that her feeling for me had change and that she would rather keep me as a friend then continue dating me (story of my life in a way.) I'm waiting for a proof of that continue as a friend thing, my experience with that is less then stellar so I don't have much hope.

Anyway I don't feel too down about it, it just give me more opportunity to meet woman and keep my astronomically high standard from being meet ;-p At least I had a good diner with her while we discussed her feeling and mine and how our dating as come to an end. I hope I can keep her as a friend as she is fun to be around but well the ball is in her court now. So if you know any woman that would meet my standard sent them my way!

The leader of the Party Quebecois as finally been elected

André Boisclair the leader of the Party Quebecois in Quebec as finally been elected by the population. Previously he had only be elected to his post of leader by the member of the party and wasn't even a elected representative in Quebec, which meant he couldn't argue directly politics and law with the majority party. Now some could be impress that he managed to get 70% of the vote (70,8% to be exact) and say that it is a sign that Quebecer want change in their governement. I'm not saying Quebecer don't want change in gouvernement, but I'd like to point out that the two other major party didn't present a candidate to oppose mister Boisclair. In short he was alone and won the race... how surprising, clearly a sign of a desire by the Quebecer to change everything and return to Party Quebecois leadership. Couldn't be clearer no?

I said before I don't trust the guy, he admited to taking coke while he was in an official elected gouvernement office. That shows a lack of judgement that is simply scary. the ideas he presented before are completly opposed to my own and his insistance to make Quebec a souverain country basically makes me want to vote for someone else party... anyone else party.

Monday, August 14, 2006

No catchy title.

Well I couldn't find a catchy title for this post but anyway I think it will be pretty instresting (at least for me to write it.) For years we have been told that money was slowly replacing religion in many people mind . But this article on skepchick magazin illustrate just how crazy it as become. Come on using religion's tactic to get people to enroll in a pyramid scheme. That is really getting desperate and dangerous.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Vanity sizes

The memoirs of a Skepchick blog lead me to an interesting story by another skepchick blogger, Wendy about vanity sizing in woman clothing.

This is something I have always found puzzeling, why are women size abstract value like 0, 14 or 245 (ok maybe not up to 245)? Wouldn't it be simpler to have straight value like we do in men clothing (a 32 waist means that the waist of the jean is 32 inches)? And it would prevent that current trend of vanity sizing the clothe... ok for those of you who didn't click on the link (and because I want to say something about the trend ) Vanity sizing is the weird idea of making larger clothe with a smaller tag (for exemple make something for a size 8 and label it a size 2) just so the woman buying it will fell better about herself.

The idea is ridiculous, imagine if the trend continu they will have to invent negative size (or go with highter multiple of zero like 0000 or 00000000000000 size) to fit the normal (arguably since average person in america is overweight) and thin woman. While wearing a small size might make the woman feel better for a few minutes everyone else still sees her like she really is. Even if the designer vanity sizing got down to calling size 245 size 0, I'm pretty sure the person gravitational pull would remind everyone that she is not thin at all. The way I see it, it is more then time that woman clothes come with easy, clear to read, objective measurement value. If the skirt as a 28 inch waist then say that don't say it a size X (according to the report that was size 8 previously now is size 2) say it's 28 inch. Woman know (or will learn) how to measure themself and while it might be bad for a few egos it's probably better in the long run.

People will have to choose either accept that they wear 200 inch wide skirt or take step to change it. It's a win win situation and is probably a good step in the fight against obesity.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Now who is picky

Reading Yofed comment on my last post I had only one thing to say: AHAH you're pickier then me! Yep according to this comment their are only 5 people in the world she finds sexy while "I" on the other hand know I find at least 7 thousand women sexy in QUEBEC only! So if we take the same statistic and applies it to the world population (that for convinience sake we will approximate to 7 billion) that means I would find at least 7 million women sexy in the world! Now who is picky? the guy who find 7 milion women or the woman that find exactly 2 guy and 3 girl sexy? Yofed you have lost the privilige of calling my standard for a girlfriend high and to complain that they prevent me from finding someone nah. Your honor (yes of course their is a judge presiding this trial what did you think I was an amater?) I think I have proven that Yofed is pickier then me and as her former accusation damaged my self-esteem and reputation I ask that the court give me compensation! Thank you your honor.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Things to ponder...

If the first thing you think about a woman is how sexy she is she out of your league, if you feel she is drop dead gorgeous she is WAY out of your league. Girl if you wonder if a guy wants to sleep with you, the answer is yes. If you don't wonder then once again the answer is probably yes. If you are wondering if a guy is a pervert well then you can probably find someone that you can define as a pervert.. easilly. But the question you should be asking yourself is would you think him a pervert? and what do you consider a pervert exactly?

well that all I'm not drunk enought to make a really funny drunk post sorry yofed. Oh and it is really funny to try and find which girl you find sexy enough :-p

My computer need a memory transplant

Well after my powersupply died and I bought another I thought my computer was saved from the dept of death. Unfortunatly mister Murphy had another plan for me. You see when I finally managed to get my comptuer working (because of course the hard driver suffered a little confusion in the crashes) it is unusually slow (and by unusually slow I mean dead turtle could have outran the electron moving throught there). After a few minutes of research i found that half my memory didn't register anymore, well it's the half that was "damaged" 6 years ago so I had expected it to fail someday... but still I'd have prefered for it not to happen. So at the moment my pc is close to dead, moving at crawling speed throught data while I wait for the RAM I ordered to arrive (in under a week according to the salesman, but I don't belive salesman anymore). In the mean time please wait a few more days for my pictures to be ready to be displayed and you to be amased by my trip :-)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

At the top of the montain[still no picture]

After a short no wireless connection delay here come a post from the top of mount Splashmore oups not Splashmore but from the top of de la Rocho del Muchachos. Everything as been great up to now (except my hotel last night which was too hot, no AC in a tropical climate is hell.) La Palma is still a great looking place and I had time to enjoy a local fresh fish for diner last night.. hmm very good. With way too much pink wine since my co-observer didn't drink any. Well more news latter this week or this night or whenever.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

On the soul of Great Britain

After the british invasion witness the Starbuck invasion.. yep I've seen more starbuck then I have seen airport in great britain.. ok I've only seen two airport but you would have expected that those two airport would not host more then 2 starbuck no? Aside from that everything cost an arm and a leg... yep I'll come back lacking at least one of each... well figuritively of course. Still no pictures as I am sure you do not care about my constant walk throught the airports. Not to mention that my flight to tenerife as been delayed by 2 hours while my flight from Montreal came in half an hours early (ironically about 15 minutes before the flight that left 1hours before...) So bascally I'm only paying for wireless network because I am bored out of my mind. And honestly airport aren't that much fun to be in. Oh well see you next time I have internet acces.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Really leaving

Finally I'm at a place with Internet access (the Montreal airport that I criticised so much last year finally as finished it's modernisation and finally has a wireless network). Up to now my trip as been pretty uneventful, well you can imagine that a 3h15 minutes bus trip followed by another 30 minutes bus trip would be kinda uneventful. I watch the last Stargate Atlantis Episode and an anime OVA to pass the time... leaving me with nothing to watch when I'll be back in a few weeks. But it doesn't really matter I'll buy a dvd if worse come to pass. Right now I am waiting for my 22h20 flight with apparently quite a few people. I have no picture to sent you yet since it is raining and it is night and while a pictures of a flash into a window might appeal to some of you it doesn't really appeals to me.

Aside from that there are a few things on my mind right now, my first thought is strangely of the girl I am dating and that I haven't seen in the last two weeks. I wonder how she is going and how things will be when she gets back (since she will get back a few weeks after I do.. yeah I like waiting it seems). Next I think about my cat that has been left with my parent, while I know he is in good hand I miss the little guy, if I was sure they wouldn't try to eat him anywhere in my trip I'd consider bringing him over. Last, but not least I'm thinking about my trip, you know the usual what if something ad happen, will something annoying happen and cause me to miss a flight (with the amazingly long connexion I have I doubt it) and if my english will suddenly fail me and make me looks like I stupid person when I am in England. hey don't laught I miss pronounced just about every words I said last time I spoke english in Quebec city. I'm pretty sure it won't be the case but hey a guy can worry when he as nothing else to do. Which makes me wonder now what will I do in my connexion in London. I have over 6 hours to kill and I'm not sure I want to pay for more wireless access. I know I'll write something more for my story blog.. or maybe I'll write just for myself. I know I'll find something to keep busy!

Oh and BTW there is a lot of people arriving at Montreal airport, particularly from Lebanon and Liban, I wish those Canadian citizen a good luck here and I hope the situation there improve soon.

Friday, July 21, 2006

ah the torment of astrophysics

Well once again my job as an astronomy student force me to make unbelievably high sacrifices. Yes you see I will soon have to leave for a 9 day trip to the canaries island. I know I know such sacrifices I make for my work ;-) but well I lawyer is telling me that if I continue to "complain" about the trip some people my stop liking me so I'll stop (actually the word she used are justifiable homicide but hey who's splitting hair?) So I'll see when and if I can post anything (probably pictures ;-) and in the means time just remember to enjoy yourself. cause I sure know I'll be enjoying myself!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

[censored title]

Well I might have just lost one of my computer to yesterday's thunderstorm aftermath. You see last night I had a game so I left my usual way which mean with my computer open doing whatever I set it up to do at the time (checking my e-mails and basically nothing else last night). Now we had sever thunderstorm that caused a blackout. Up to here nothing that would have damaged my computer... but then in the process of restoring power we had several "flashes" of electricity which caused my computer to reboot (or more accurately start the rebooting process) and have it power cut off. I don't know how many time it happened since i was not there but I know it happened at least 3 times before I got to unplug the computer. Now this morning when the power went back up I tried to restart my computer... and yes you guessed it: nothing happened, not a single fan started moving not a single light came on. Something seems to be broken. So tonight I try to find the exact problem and see what I can do.. my guesses right now are it either: the power on button that broken (as if!), the power supply that is toast (god I hope so) or something on the motherboard that fried (which means a new computer for me.. in a few years when I have the money grrr.. I need my pc).

Needless to say I'm not in a good mood today, my computer his toast, i couldn't sleep well the last two days because of the heat and humidity and the girl i'm dating is away for a few weeks. Luckily my observations in the Canaries island are coming up fast, still with the way things are going right now my planes are going to be hijacked by christian fundamentalist wishing to stop the teaching of evolution.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Yes but some people...

Their is a argument in the world that I really find annoying, the yes but a minority needs to be "controlled/protected/saved/can't deal with it/don't understand" argument. It comes up in just about every argument about rules and/or society and usually to excuse why a "common sense" rules exist or why we need something we don't really need. While I do agree that some people are indeed like that (that they need additional rule/punishment to live in society or follow it rule) I find it frustrating that we as a society are always limiting our self because of a few. Wouldn't it be easier to just have a common sense law like: "if you don't follow common sense your gonna be punished"? I really don't think it is possible but it really annoys me to see all the limitation we put on our self because of that minority.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Religion does not mean morality

I read a very interesting article on Memoirs of a Skepchick blog, basically saying what I have been thinking for a long while about the relation between religion and morality. Life without god (or any other higher authority) is not meaningless nor is it morally ambiguous. I do not believe the threat of damnation or punishment or whatever else is the best way to teach people to respect each other.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Yesterday, I cried.

Yesterday I received piccolo's e-mail and then piccolo's brother phone call telling me the dreadful news of little J's passing, it came as such a surprise that at first I was too stunned to say or think anything. I made yesterday's post thinking that a moment of silences to contemplate, remember and send my prayers for his parents and family was the only thing I could do. After my evening when I had finally digested the news I cried. I had only seen little J twice before his passing but he surely made an impression on me, I remember his eyes shining when he was seeing his mother, his smile widening when his favorite baby DVD first scene appeared on the tv, his stubborn refusal to be put on his stomach when everyone was on the other side gazing and laughing at him, his cute little laugh but most of all I remember how loving and devoted his parent where to him.

Piccolo and Stormcrow are good parents, even when they felt down or things were rough they never were anything less then devoted to little J. I remember the first time I meet Little J, it was in my apartment and Piccolo keep pushing Loup away just to be sure that he would not wake/bother her little sleeping bundle of Joy. I remember her talking proudly of her husband making up pet name for little J (who could forget little gems like Obi-wan littleJ and Littlejonaute [pet name changed to preserve web anonymity]), I remember him patiently cleaning up and caring for the little guy whenever there where needs.

All I'm trying to say is Stormcrow, Piccolo, if you need one more ear to listen or one my person to talk with am there, a phone call or an instant message away. I'm sending you my sincere condolences and all my sympathies and I shall be praying for you in this time of terrible lost.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Farewell Little J, I hope you enjoy heaven as much as you made us enjoy Earth

[This post is intentionally left blank in memory of Little J, son of Piccolo and Stormcrow]

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The doomsday clock is ticking

The doomsday clock a scientist fabrication that figuratively measure how close we are to a nuclear apocalypse is still ticking. It as been stuck at 7 to midnight (and apocalypse) since 2002 but with the increasing threat of North Korea ballistic missiles and Iran desperate bid to get the bomb we could see the time we have left lowering soon. You might have heard that today North Korea tested some 5 missiles, two of which where supposed to be long range, ballistic capable missile. What does that mean? missile that can hit the US (and of course Canada, but when those thing carry nuclear warhead who cares where on the continent they hit...) Now as can be expected from the US and most of the world, people are scared, people are unhappy and some people are increasing their military readiness. Now, the test failed the two missiles suffered problem some 40 seconds after take off but still, it got people very nervous. And with North Korea menacing to nuke everyone if anyone does a preemptive strike (which is a logical move in a way.. except their is the very significant possibility that North Korea as not working nuke) let just say that people are a little tense.

I sincerely hope everyone keep their head cool and no one goes for the War (or worse the nuke war) solution.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Ad for dating sites...

I was watching some movies at www.wimps.com and their was an ad for a dating/sex meeting site (adultfriendfiender to be exact). Now this site usually advertise by having pictures of women in "your" region that have sexy pictures. So I look at the ad (well come on I am a guy you expect me not to look at sexy women when the movies is loading) and I burst out laughing... there are three women in the ad, first one is a 24 years old from beauport, the second one is an 18 years old from Ste-foy and the is 22 from Levis.. now no problem except for one thing, the pictures for the first and second one are exactly the same... as in same pose, same hair, same eyes, same everything! I was going to give them the benefits of the doubt but it picked my curiosity and I decided I was gonna find those two person (or this one person) on their site... and well I couldn't. I still find it funny.

When the cat is away...

Well today is the first official day of my supervisor vacation... which mean that things are exactly as they where before since my supervisor isn't really the kind of gal to come and check on me every few hours/days/weeks/months... Which usually is a problem when you'll just need to see her for a few second in a weeks to get a new idea or her opinion but it does teach one to be self reliant and it does wonder for my self confidence. At least I think it does ;-)

Sound likes I don't have much to say but hey right now things are peachy except for the rain and some minor inconvenience... so I shift to french in the middle of a sentence and barely catch it before hitting send....

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

MACs are making me lazy

I used to try and wrap my mind around every little crack and trick of the UNIX system we use in our computer labs (astronomy like many science is filled with OS elitist that loves UNIX). And recently I've been kinda lazy, I mean screw the nooks and bolt someone else can work on it and beside it is so much easier to do on my mac... this is where I realised that my mac was making me LAZY!!! oh my god that bad no? yeah I realise this is one of the most boring post I did in a long while but I just had to share it with you, beside it give me the opportunity to not talk about other things I'm not ready to share.

Monday, June 26, 2006

I'm feeling old!

I just realised that I was the only person in the room where i am right now that remember the time before google on the internet. It was as strange time (around 1995, a few years after color tv but we didn't have cool cell phone yet) when different search engine gave you totally different result, where you have to remember all kind of different address for your daily surfing. It was also a time where just about everyone and their dog had a geocity webpage (or two, or three) it was a time when frame and blinking post where the high end of web page design (no not really blinking post never where high end of anything). It was the begining of blackground for web page and you could see all kind of mindtwisting monstruosity being put there it was a strange time... well now I feel old because of this... nah not really but I wanted to share it with you ;-) oh and yofed I commented on your comment about the whole space exploration debate.

Apparently I look like I need a beer.

Last Saturday was Quebec "national" Holiday (Quebec I'd like to point out to everyone is yet to be a nation) still most of the celebration happened friday night. A night where for some weird reason (going back home apparently) I had decided to take the bus at 22h. Now as i expected their where like 200 people waiting for the bus, but that didn't seem so bad I wasn't in any kind of hurry so I thought I could skip a bus or two if the worse happened. The buses came and well it looked like I could have a place sitting so here I went. Now the bus quickly filled with drunk, semi-drunk and getting drunker people. I was enjoying the crazy antic of those drunk when they started to take out beers, yes in the bus just about everyone but me had a beer to drink. So in like the 20 minutes the ride from the university to the place where the celebration where held took I was offered no less then 7 beers, from like 4 or 5 peoples... well they where all drinking Bleu so that not really a beer but you get my point. I would have though that after one or two on they would catch on but no.. apparently I need a beer ;-)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

What is humanity's worth

After talking about Stephen Hawking and his opinion that space exploration is essential to the long term survival of the human specie I came up to something I find disturbing and strange. Many of the people that argued against Dr. Hawking's idea where not opposed to space exploration they where arguing against humanity survival. No I do not mean they did not see space exploration as a way of human survival, I mean they flatly said that human did not deserve to survive. My first reaction is simply a flabbergasted: WHAT???

As far as we know the human specie is the only sentient race in the universe (highly unlikely to be true but until we meet another sentient specie we can't disprove it), that means we are the only specie that can realise it's own action are bad for itself and other. We are the only specie that as the knowledge and the self awareness to change our ways and to improve our self. We are unique and that makes us precious (and even if sentience is the most common things in the universe change are not too are alike.) in fact as far as I am concerned that makes humanity the most precious thing in the universe by far.

Then we must remember that humanity only has it's own experience and it's own reference to make statement about itself. The proponent of humanity eventual extinction argue that humanity is a dangerous species it fight and kill it own, it pollute it environment it doesn't care for it sick and weak and generally as all kind of fault. But I argue, what tells you that humanity is not the most noble of sentient species that if you looked at all the sentient species in the universe you would only find species that are worse then us in every respect. Species where killing another member of the specie is not just something that happen but actively encouraged, species where the environment is not something that they are slowly realising need to be protected but something to be destroyed. True that argument can be reversed easily we could also find that we are the worse of the worse but the point is not what we are but that we do not know. And since we do not know we cannot be objective about our self, we have not external reference.

In short, despite all it's flaw and all of its failing humanity deserve a chance to survive into eternity. Sentience is a precious thing and the simple fact that it allows us to change our ways should give us a second, third, fourth... one millionth chance at survival. At least that my opinion.