Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Will changing party really change things?

Another political post, see I'm really wondering if there is a difference between party right now. Most of the decision are made by bureaucrates that will not change with the party in place, many things are set up years in advance in such way that if you cancel them it cost you more then if you let them run even if they where stupid idea. Sure during the campaign we might hear "different" ideas but tell me honestly and by thinking back on the previous party in power, where they really any different? I remember in Quebec (because 14 years is a little far to remember with the federal governement) about 2 years ago when the last provincial election came on. People where desperate to throw the PQ out of office they had been badly managing Quebec main issues of health care and negociation with their employees. So we elect the Liberal (provincial liberal with "no" association to the federal ones) and we get a governement that cannot manage the main issues of Quebec!

The more things changes hey? I am beging to wonder just how far and profound corruption is in Canada and Quebec and if the voting process isn't just a joke set to replace religions as the masses opium. I'm wondering who really profits from the billions spent by the governements and mostly I wonder why we as a people aren't more upset at not knowing.

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