Friday, December 23, 2005

What? I have a blog? nah you must be dreaming

No, I hadn't forgoten I had a blog. I have been... busy yeah that the word with finals and term paper and stuff yeah, mostly stuff. Well ok honestly I've been spending most of my free time WoWing so that explain why I haven't posted here. but now finally I am free! I have my first two week vacation in over a year so you will excuse me if I sleep late, play lots of WoW, party with my friends (as long as it isn't too expensive) and generally do nothing really productive during the holidays.

Oh yeah I don't have any ground breaking thoughs or anything like that at the moment so no post about it here. If you happen to have a ground breaking though please send it to me so that I can post something a little more meaning full then an excuse as to why I didn't post.

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