Thursday, December 01, 2005

The often forgotten ones!

In my quest to find information that will help me vote for the best (instead as for the lesser evil) I used the src site to find exactly what are the other parties involved in this quest to be the one officially doing nothing to help the country for the next 4 to 5 years. So here they are in all there lack of glory the unsung parties!

[please note that the summaries provided are from reading 20 second on their web site they may not accuratly represent the parties. Then again they might.]

Canadian action party: We should put canade first in the international market, we need to be part of the world but still not part of it and keep our own everything but part of the world. Yeah that makes senses

Communist party of Canada: Succesfful communist regime throughtout history, 0. I guess that explain my view on their ideas

Christian Heritage party: Bring back the christian values to protect the fondation of our society.

Libertarian party: Reduce government power, the individual should have liberty. Reduce governement involvement in everything the individual will provide for himself and other if he wants to.

Marijuanna party: HEY DUDE!!!! LEGALISE POT! DUDE!

Communist party of Canada (Marxist-Leningist): see communist party of Canada

Progressive party of canada: The conservative before they joined the reformist.. don't recall how different they where? me neither.

Green party: the name says it all, environement, environement and environnement.

Well here are the unsung parties, think about voting for them maybe one of the is the best there is.


Anonymous said...

Actually ; real communist regime instored throughout history : 0. Most, like U.S.S.R., Cuba and North Korea, are or where dictatorship. China was a dictatorship that transformed into a state capitalism (the state acting like a company and doing all for more profit). But anyways, chances of Canada being the first (real) Communist country : 000000 ;)

P.S.: You should start your own party. Oh, I do wonder how it would go...

yofed said...

It would probably be something like "Parti de la joie perpetuelle"