Sunday, December 04, 2005

Never ask for wish from evil genies!

Well last night I had my tradiational nearly monthly Dungeon and Dragon game. All in all it was a great game, the players had fun I had fun. The battle where hard enought for them to sweat, they fought one with nearly all their spell exhausted, they where convinced or nearly so that they would die.

Their where exploring DM gift number 101, i.e a flying elf made castle that they could potentially capture for their own use. In this castle where trapped 4 rebelious noble djinni (evil noble djinni that where traped in the prime material plane after being captured by the djinni elfs allies). Now my party after breaking the magic circle agains evil, and detecting that the being traped is evil, proceeded to free the first djinni in exange for 2 wish (powerfull things you know...)they relatively quickly move to the second djinni and free him also. However being evil and all he attact them, after they manage to convince him to grant them wish in exange for life they make some wish... Long story short they free 3 of the 4 djinni before deciding to rest and finally realising that evil being corrupt the wish they grant. Finding themself struck with mummy rot and having none of their wish completly answer they decided to free the 4 djinni to solve the previously cause problem... you can guess the outcome. It was pretty funny even if they where not so thrilled about being tricked out of their wish again.

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