Wednesday, December 28, 2005

So how was your chrismast?

Well thanks for asking. What? you did not ask? no no I distinctively heard you and since it is my univers (what you don't belive that either? just look at the 345th star in NGC 4900 it right on it surface. what? your saying you can't read the surface of stars in galaxy 15 Million light years away? so that mean you have to trust me the astronomer here) I'm probably right.

So all in all it was a good christmas, I've had a party with a part of my familly I hadn't seen in 8 years because of a familly feud so it was pretty nice. it isn't the best christmas I've had but it was a pretty nice one. Also yesterday I got to see little J. Yeah stormcrow and piccolo paid me a little visit in their role of transporting unit for little J ;-) The little guy is really cute and fun and he like to laught a lot.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Yet another christmas blog

Well I would like to wish a merry christmas to all my reader and to everyone else for that matter just because you don't read my blog doesn't mean you can't have a merry christmas, it's a downer but you'll get over it ;-p Myself I'll use this holiday time to relax, relax and play WoW while relaxing ;-p hey it's my first vacation in a year!

On another note King Kong isn't that great. I saw it yesterday and I couldn't get into the movie things keep sending me back to the land of: but darn it that isn't even logical in the movie! Oh and I keep expecting Godzilla to show up and find with the monkey so that give you an idea of how many big prehistoric like monstre the monkey fight in the movie. It's entertaining but it could be way shorter then the 3 hours it now is.

Friday, December 23, 2005

What? I have a blog? nah you must be dreaming

No, I hadn't forgoten I had a blog. I have been... busy yeah that the word with finals and term paper and stuff yeah, mostly stuff. Well ok honestly I've been spending most of my free time WoWing so that explain why I haven't posted here. but now finally I am free! I have my first two week vacation in over a year so you will excuse me if I sleep late, play lots of WoW, party with my friends (as long as it isn't too expensive) and generally do nothing really productive during the holidays.

Oh yeah I don't have any ground breaking thoughs or anything like that at the moment so no post about it here. If you happen to have a ground breaking though please send it to me so that I can post something a little more meaning full then an excuse as to why I didn't post.

Friday, December 16, 2005

A short post

I've been very busy with my end of semester rush, but this morning while reading the news online I came upon this article. Read it and then read on please.

Now, if you are going to sue Blizzard over a kid that jump off a building because he "wanted" to reproduce something he did in game, we should also sue the kid physic teacher for failling to teach a boy that hitting the ground at hight speed can cause fatal injuries, the owner of the building for building something you can jump off and kill yourself, the parent of the kid for not noticing his suicidal tendancy and finally George W. Bush since it is fashionable to blame him. (BTW all this is sarcasm!).

All I've go to say is that we are trying to blame someone without trying to understand why the kid really did it.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Crappy wireless mouse

I hate my wireless mouse, it worked fine until relatively recently but now it has taken to not reconising left clicks. Very very annoying let me tell you. Well that is all I had to share with you about this particullar problem but yet I thought you should know today,s annoyance.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Will changing party really change things?

Another political post, see I'm really wondering if there is a difference between party right now. Most of the decision are made by bureaucrates that will not change with the party in place, many things are set up years in advance in such way that if you cancel them it cost you more then if you let them run even if they where stupid idea. Sure during the campaign we might hear "different" ideas but tell me honestly and by thinking back on the previous party in power, where they really any different? I remember in Quebec (because 14 years is a little far to remember with the federal governement) about 2 years ago when the last provincial election came on. People where desperate to throw the PQ out of office they had been badly managing Quebec main issues of health care and negociation with their employees. So we elect the Liberal (provincial liberal with "no" association to the federal ones) and we get a governement that cannot manage the main issues of Quebec!

The more things changes hey? I am beging to wonder just how far and profound corruption is in Canada and Quebec and if the voting process isn't just a joke set to replace religions as the masses opium. I'm wondering who really profits from the billions spent by the governements and mostly I wonder why we as a people aren't more upset at not knowing.

Cold medecine questioning...

I was reading the ex-girlfriend project blog and this got me thinking, well that and the cold medecine I'm taking to get over my second cold/flu/sinus infection of the season (Strange that I almost never got sick when I was with my ex.) I asked myself a question have I ever being in love? Sound strange since I am pretty convinced I loved each and everyone of the girl I dated, each for her unique reason and in a unique way. It is strange how love can be so different but still be love. Still I ask myself now was I in love? what is really being in love? Why am I going so phylosophical this morning?

See I never really needed to ask that question (or so I though) I felt that I had being in love with all those girl (and some other but nothing ever come from this unreturned love) but for some reason while reading the ex-girlfriend project I found myself wondering if I had ever being truely in love and finding that I couldn't answer in a way that was convincing.

Oh well no sense getting all melodramatic on you, and since it might just be my old age showing I will return to wondering about it and see if I can post something else to see if I can distract you from my sappiness this morning.

Monday, December 05, 2005

The Asaathi party for common sense.

I was asked by an anonymous comments what would a party leaded by yours truly be like. Well I decided to answer this here and to warn you: I have no plan of ever starting a political life AND even if I did I would never get elected with this party (I'm sure after reading my "program" you'll understand why.) So without further warning let me beging:

FIRST my party will stand of the abolitions of political party and a reform of Canadian political system. What does that mean? First that I belive that the existance of political party is a big factor in the corruption of government. They make it possible for candiate to vote for laws and spending that are against their electors interess to further the party interest. The party interest are very simple: get enough money (or more) to be elected next election. By removing political party the only loyalty the deputy will have is to his own electors. However this will require at least ONE big change in the canadian political system, namely that the prime minister (who's office would not exist after my passage in it but more on that later) would be choosen in a vote from the chamber of deputy and would be suject to change without triggering an election.

SECOND my party will stand of the separation of the Canadian government from it's england roots. I would move for Canada to become a truely independant country to remove the offices that basically serve only to spend money and sign laws. The governor general? remove that, all the leutenant governor? remove those to! They have no real power, no real impact on society they are many office of tradition that tie us to a country thousan of km away that basically doesn't give a flying frack about us.

THIRD, my party would campaign to freeze investisment in health care and to reform health care in a way that we understand what is wrong with it, why spending billions mores each year does not bring a measurable increase in quality and quantity of treatement. We have in the past increased spending by 4 to 5 billions dollars almost each years and yet EVERY YEAR health care is juged to be underfunded. Tell me how can a 49 billions dollars health care system for a small 30 millions population can be underfunded? How can adding 4 billions to a 45 billion (almost a 10% increase!) can not change at least some things for the better? My opinion (without fact to back it up at the moment I must point out to be fair) is that we are now at a stage that there are so many administrator that to administrate the a new dollard in heath care it cost 1.2 dollars meaning that every dollard spend actually decrease the services the population receive.

FOURTH, In dept change to the military, the canadian military as out of date equipement, is too small for our country size and has (at least in Quebec) a public image that is falling toward Nazi soldier at the end of WWII level. Our military did great things, serving in our military is not a bad thing, not for killer and actually help around the world and the country. That means more money for the military, but also a clean up of the bullshitting and bureaucarties involved. I want the average canadian to be able to say: The canadian military is helping around the world and we are proud of it.

FIFTH, My biggest point I think I want to attack bureaucratic thinking, we do not need that much information on everyone, we do not need that many paper forms. We could first replace many by computer based form saving hundreds of tree each years. We would then reduce the quantity of information needed first off we do not need to know a person sexual orientation, religion, toothpast preference hell we only need basic information about someone. Name, date of birth, sex, social security number (which we know by definition since the governement hand them out), revenu (for tax purpose), martital status, address, and maybe one or two other thing I don't think about right now.

SIXTH, My party would look into wellfare service, It is unacceptable that people receive more then 1 monthly check from wellfare. It is unacceptable that a person can make a career out of being on wellfare. I do not plan on cuting wellfare on people that can work but don't but I think we should find a way to train and have these person work. I will make a point to say that I am only talking about the person who can work and choose not to. Not those that health problem prevent from working.

SEVENTH My party would not care about Quebec becoming indepent and being a distinct society, we would treat Quebec just as we would every other province. No special program to promotte Canada, no special consideration because it is a french speaking province, no special consideration because there is an independant mouvement. I would invest in Quebec as it is a province who's economy is slower then the other.

EIGHT, My party would stop the artificial support of entreprises. If an entreprise needs money EVERY years from the governement to stay in Canada and be profitable then it's probably only pocketing the money we give it. I'm all for helpig new business start, but I am not about to pay for every business to stay alive, we will give/lent money to start and maybe survive an hard hit to a particular market (like 9-11 on the travel industry) but do not expect us to keep you alive for years.

NINTH My party will change the way money is given to the art. We will be willing to give money to every artist but sucessfull artist will have to repaid this money. For exemple a show like star academy that received millions in subvention but made millions more from it would have to at least repaid half (if not all) the subvention money. The point of subvention for the art is to help artist not to give more money to already sucessfull producers and enterprises.

TENTH, My party take a long term ecological stance. I belive that it is impossible to solve pollution tomorrow, however we can work on the long term to break the habits that cause the most polution and to change the way we produce goods to eliminate pollution. Our law won't be a tomorrow affaire but will make sure that in a few years Canada is a clean country.

ELEVENTH, My party will adopt a logical clear and transparent stance on suject. Under our leadership, Canada would not sign a treaty again anti-personal mine while we are still the world largest producer of said mines. Under my party any deputy condamened of a crime or that admit commiting a crime would have to quit the party. We will not make promise we will not try to fufill and we will not offer excuse if we faill to fufill one. We will admit our fault and either try again or move on if it is impossible to fufill it.

Well here it is there are some other point notably on discrimination, salary that might warant being discussed here but I think you get my ideas, and probably understand why such a party will neve exist.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Never ask for wish from evil genies!

Well last night I had my tradiational nearly monthly Dungeon and Dragon game. All in all it was a great game, the players had fun I had fun. The battle where hard enought for them to sweat, they fought one with nearly all their spell exhausted, they where convinced or nearly so that they would die.

Their where exploring DM gift number 101, i.e a flying elf made castle that they could potentially capture for their own use. In this castle where trapped 4 rebelious noble djinni (evil noble djinni that where traped in the prime material plane after being captured by the djinni elfs allies). Now my party after breaking the magic circle agains evil, and detecting that the being traped is evil, proceeded to free the first djinni in exange for 2 wish (powerfull things you know...)they relatively quickly move to the second djinni and free him also. However being evil and all he attact them, after they manage to convince him to grant them wish in exange for life they make some wish... Long story short they free 3 of the 4 djinni before deciding to rest and finally realising that evil being corrupt the wish they grant. Finding themself struck with mummy rot and having none of their wish completly answer they decided to free the 4 djinni to solve the previously cause problem... you can guess the outcome. It was pretty funny even if they where not so thrilled about being tricked out of their wish again.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The often forgotten ones!

In my quest to find information that will help me vote for the best (instead as for the lesser evil) I used the src site to find exactly what are the other parties involved in this quest to be the one officially doing nothing to help the country for the next 4 to 5 years. So here they are in all there lack of glory the unsung parties!

[please note that the summaries provided are from reading 20 second on their web site they may not accuratly represent the parties. Then again they might.]

Canadian action party: We should put canade first in the international market, we need to be part of the world but still not part of it and keep our own everything but part of the world. Yeah that makes senses

Communist party of Canada: Succesfful communist regime throughtout history, 0. I guess that explain my view on their ideas

Christian Heritage party: Bring back the christian values to protect the fondation of our society.

Libertarian party: Reduce government power, the individual should have liberty. Reduce governement involvement in everything the individual will provide for himself and other if he wants to.

Marijuanna party: HEY DUDE!!!! LEGALISE POT! DUDE!

Communist party of Canada (Marxist-Leningist): see communist party of Canada

Progressive party of canada: The conservative before they joined the reformist.. don't recall how different they where? me neither.

Green party: the name says it all, environement, environement and environnement.

Well here are the unsung parties, think about voting for them maybe one of the is the best there is.