Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Worrying, very worrying

While reading the news on CNN this morning I read this... I find it very worrying, very worrying indeed. While I nderstand the matter of national security (even for another nation) and how in a state of war it might be a good idea to keep somethings secrets I am completly against any secrets that involves prisoners of war (or simply prisoner taken in a war if they are not really taken as prisoner of war). Particullary if those secrets involve having those prisoners in another country. That smell too much like a license to bypass the laws. It also sound like the begining of a tyranical regime.. you know with prisons like this your political opponent could mysteriously be snatched by terrorist and since those camp are mostly with foreign intelligence officer the chance of a leak to your home country is theorically reduced...

Very scary, I did not think the world had fallen back to this.

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anyflower said...

I share your opinion on this. It seems like the states unofficially controls the rest of the world. Do they have an international tribunal supremacy yet? Anyway, I'm sure their ministery of propaganda is working on the situation right now: they're doing that for the best of the world, you know?