Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What is the title of this post anyway?

Well since I'm posting somethings again, got bored of not posting on my blog and I figured that my readers deserved a few posts. Beside as I said I was bored. I have a first problem I don't know if I should cut my hair or not, see I used to have something close to a buzz cut now it is long, in fact for the first time in my life I have hair that go lower then my eyes if I let it hang out. Some people (mostly those that knew me from a long time and where in the air cadets with me) thing I should cut it and that I look better with short hair, other, notablu my ex and my females coworkers seems to think longer hair suit me better. Since I don't really mind my hair, I kinda confused on what exactly look better. Personally I don't have any idea, long hair give me a style while short hair give me another. Both are very different so much that some people in my familly don't reconise me if I change my hair. I just realise that if any of you had a manly man image of me I just completly wrecked it with that hair talk.

On a completly unrelated topic I realise something strange about cashier at the super market they are either older then color TV while the rest are barely 20 years old if that. That really freaky, only young girl and senior seems to be working as cashier weird.


yofed said...

First, keep you hair long! You are rather ugly with you hair too short, and you are most definitely attractive with your hair like it was at Christmas time.

Second, there is nothing more normal than having very youg and older people as cashiers at the grocery store.... it is a very easy job to get for youngsters, and also for housewives who are done their kid stuff, or divorced women, or retired (easy extra cash!).... or just being old!

anyflower said...

Long, definetly!!!