Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Well looks like I"m not posting again

Hi faithfull reader of which very few must remain in this world of the internet where lack of new contents for even a day can cost millions of readers (well ok I might not have millions of reader but that analogy stand!). Well there ain't really nothing new in my life and I don't have anything I fell like ranting about and instead of putting up endless mesage saying: well nothing really new, nothing really ranty so check back tomorrow message. I've decided not to post anything. There isn't anything really new or rantish right now but I wanted to post somekind of update.

First another reason for my lack of update is my World of Warcraft game, I'm playing relatively often and it is quite a good game at least up to now, I find that most of the time I get tired of a game after a month or two so we'll see. I'm playing a warlock and a Paladin on a server and a Druid on another, if it was not for the fact that all my friends have lvl 60 character while I'm not yet lvl 20 with any of my character I'm pretty sure it would be much more fun.

I don't have any real ranty stuff to tell, except for my still singleness and lack of prospect to stop this situation. I'm talking to a few girls but nothing really serious or even close to be maybe serious. A little depressing considering some of the comments I received from my ex and woman friends seems to point that I should find someone great... ;-p

Well good day I'll post something else sometimes else! have fun and Good luck to Little J for a quick recovery from surgery and to his parent that love him so very much. In fact I,m pretty sure that if love had a mass we would be in serious trouble as it might create a singulary that would tear appart the fabric of space time! Ok too geeky for an analogy but it's been a while you deserved a geeky part to that post.


WritingMonster said...
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Piccolo said...

For someone with nothing to say... First, you will not find a girl if you're staying in front of your computer playing games...

Second, you can find time to answer my e-mail that I sent you this morning???