Wednesday, November 23, 2005

[Silly post] Astronomy is for down to earth people

As the title say I will demonstrate that astronomy is for the down to earth people and not for people as most of you surely belive that have their head in the clouds. First do do astronomy you do not need to be tall enought to have your head in the cloud. In fact it would actually help if you did not as cloud hide stars. Beside to have your head even in low flying cloud you will have to be a few hundred feet tall, and biomecanics has shown that human like body cannot support their own weight at this size. So that at least prove then you do not need to have your head in the cloud to be an astronomer.

Now to prove the first part of this sentence: that astronomer need to be down to earth people. Astronomy means gazing at the stars to understand them. But to gaze at the stars the early astronomer had to incline their head backward which is as you can no doubt experience a very tiring position. Furthermore when you are in this position you cannot look around yourself and as you are standing you present a temping target for predator. To solve both these problem the early astronomer built in a defense meganism, instead of incling their head backward they would lay their body done on the groupe back first. No one does this provide a very good view of the stars it also reduce the standing presence to almost nil making you almost invisible to predators! But more important in this situation it puts you down to the ground... i.e down to earth!

HERE! I demonstrated with an irrefutable argument that astronomers where down to earth people.

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