Friday, November 11, 2005

Rememberance Day

Today is rememberance day, the day we remember our veteran, the people that fought in the battles of the past so that we did not to fight them ourself. Those that lived and died throught the horrors of war so that we did not have to. Those that rose to stand and fight for their country, freedom and belief, to protect the peace and to bring their children a brighter futur.

Remember them, honor them for thanks to them you enjoy the life you do. Remember those that fell for their sacrifice made your life safer. Remember those that fell and those that live for they are the heros of story.

And let us hope that we do not need to had another list of veteran in a new war, but if we ever do let us hope that we will rise in the shadow of the veterant of the past and perform for our children and our children's children this hard duty.

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