Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Not again!

[Disclaimer, the things say here are only opinion, form your own I'm just stating what I think, most is not based on fact and even if some fact might by random chance be at the base of my opinion they do not constitute proof or an attemps at discrimination, mainly I'm just expressing free speach and no I don't care about the correct spelling of the candidates name]

We are supposed to get 4 years periode of freedom, 4 years where we only hear of politician once in a while when they do something stupid or another, 4 years where even if nothing is really done to make things works correctly, existance continu and only the required one new lie a day is pronounced by politician. Now those 4 year we had garanteed by law have been shortened to 17 month! Yes, you know, you understand we canadian will once again have to decide who will direct our country toward financial catastrophe, well-fare cost increase, positively stupid political situation and genarally promoting delusional ideas. I will present to you the candidate:

First, our estimed former prime minister the very honorable but apparently completly blind and impossibily incompent as he couldn't as MINISTER OF FINANCE realise that his OWN people where fraudulusly using taxt payer money: Paul Martin!

Next, he who would like to be our next prime minister, with his abismal level charisma, lack of understanding of the issue Quebecer want to hear, large religious right-wing backing and lack of image management: Stephen Harper!

In third place we have mister smile, who's hope of being prime minister are about as likely to come true as my dream of walking on a planete orbiting Alpha Centaury: Jack Layton

And last, and really least, mister incoherence, who's agenda includes promoting the destruction of the federation on the federal level, doing absolutly nothing worth while while sitting at Ottawa since his party can only be, at best the official opposition in a very strong gouvernement and basicly complaining that Quebec is not special enought in the eye of Canada: Gilles Duccepte!

I think it is time to remove the liberal party from power and to pull the Bloc Quebecois back out of Otttawa but I seriously doubt that the opposition can pull it off. Stephen Harper lack the charisma required to be a people leader and Jack Layton as to convince people he can even win enough seat to form the opposition much less the governement. I fear our governement will be a Liberal majority and that we will continu with our current policy of doing weird thing that only serve to enrich those in power. Unfortunatly I am getting delusionated by the politician and people of Canada, we have not had a really new party in the last 50 years. We seem to fear new idea.. and I'm pretty sure that no matter who we elect it will be more of the same.

But do not think I will abstaint from voting, you can be sure that on january 23 I will be voting, I don't know yet for who but at least I will vote and hope that my vote will make a difference for the better.


yofed said...

I already know who to vote for.... NDP. First, they are neither Liberal or Conservative, but better still, our MP is an NDP guy and he does an incredibly good job in the area. So I vote for the nice guy.

Piccolo said...

I don't know either for whom I'll vote. What I hate is that their are elections based not on new ideas for improving the country, but politicians are just doing some bitching! I hate that! And while they are doing elections, they are no big decisions beeing made...

yofed said...

Ok... then how many new ideas are possible???? Not so ma ny besides get drunk and forget about all of it.... in a few months, when Jacob is old enough..... Love ....and 1/2 a 1.75l of rhum