Thursday, November 17, 2005


Well today post will start with something strange.. materiaslism in RPG and computer MMPORPG. See I was thinking about something totally unlereated to that and I suddently realised (I often suddently realise things must mean my mind is operating on the Chaos Theory XP operating software) that all the fantasy RPG and computer RPG I play are basically bassed on the premisse that more wealth=more power/better individual. The chief offender of this is of course D&D where you need to "follow" a wealth/per character/level guideline if you want to continu using the published material without conversion. Now, this wouldn't be so bad if the power provided by wealth did not overshadow those provided by class level at highter level. In fact it is so prevelant that some DM report that characters would rather die than lose some of their most important stuff/magic weapon. In fact it is a lot easier to get back from the death then to repair/recover a destroyed item (or get back to your own sex if you get gender changed by something but that another weird thing). I'm normally an avid support of RPG has a way to teach values to kids but I find this particullar teaching disturbing, I know there are ways to easilly circonvent it but frankly many people want to play with the rules as writen...

Also that got me thinking about my own materialism, you see I'm a very materialisict guy, I love my stuff and I think that one of my goal is to be able to affort more stuff. Well I won't get stuff for stuff sake but I tend to like to have new toys as they say. For exemple I have two computers right now (well I needed a laptop!), I bought a relatively expensive digital camera for a trip even if one less expensive would have worked just fine. I'm apparantly the kind of guy that like quality and quantity of toys. I try to use all my toy so that they are at least worth the price I paid them but still I think I may be too prone to boy stuff. Oh well one more character flaw for me to work one, that what 2 billion?

I just had a thought perhaps this as something to do with my lack of girlfriend and my too tight criterium for a potential one. I like to have the best I can get in everything, so I probably apply the same reasoning to get the best girlfriend I could possibly get. that might explain it don't you think?


Piccolo said...

I don't know if that explain that, but taking girls for objects will not help you to find one!!!

You are really materialistic. And you don't just like to have the better, you like to show that too!!!

anyflower said...

The big goal of our lives is to become a better person. Realising that is a huge step toward it's achievement. You're a great person, Asaathi! Keep on questioning yourself. Only you can anwswer who you really are and what you should/could change about yourself. :o)